Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eli's Baby Blanket

My current knitting project is a baby blanket.  I'm making it for a distant family member.  It seems like I started knitting it 20 years ago.  Since it usually doesn't take 20 years to cook a baby, I'm guessing that it wasn't quite that long ago, since we didn't know the pregnancy exsisted way back then.

Actually, I think I started it in May.  The baby was due at the end of July, which should have been plenty of time to finish the gift and get it sent off to the expectant parents.  Oops.  It's still not done.  Baby, however, was done right on schedule, which I'm sure mama was very happy about.

I really do love the colors that I chose.  At the time, the sex of the babe was unknown, so I wanted to pick something pretty that would work for either a boy or a girl.  I am not a super huge fan of all things pastel for babies, so I chose a pretty, rich teal, a neutral grey, and a creamy off-white.  The yarn is an acrylic that I got locally at one of the big named stores.  I really like to knit baby blankets out of acrylic instead of some natural fiber that would be a lot more work for a new mom to take care of.  And this one is very, very soft (and affordable!).  In my opinion, you don't have to always use natural fibers to get an awesome end product.

The pattern I am using is the Moderne Baby Blanket, found in the book Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.  I really do love the pattern.  It's very modern (as the name suggests), not lacy and old fashioned.  It is worked in sections, but once you are done with a color, you bind off and then pick up stitches along a side of what you've already knitted and just keep going.  The best part is that there is no piecing together the sections after the fact.  Once you are done, you're done!

And let me tell you, I will be glad when this one is done.  It's turning out very nice, but it's just one of those projects that feels like you could knit for 8 straight hours on, and it would grow an inch.  Ugh.  It is plain garter stitch, which can get a bit boring, but at the same time, it's good mindless knitting that I can do in front of the TV and I don't have to think too much or really follow a pattern.  I think the main reason it has taken so long is the hot summer we've had.  I just couldn't bring myself to cover myself with a half-knit blanket when it was 95 out!  Now that it's starting to cool down a bit, I should be able to finish it up soon.  I just keep telling myself that if I didn't want to cuddle up under it, the baby probably wouldn't either. Right??? 

So to Angie, I'm very sorry that you do not have your baby gift yet.  I hope to have it to you before your new little precious bundle turns 18.

In other news, the first photo assignment is ready for announcement tomorrow!  Awesomeness!  Make sure your batteries are charged and your lenses are cleaned!

Knitting like a mad woman...


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