Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Another Weekend...

Another weekend has come and gone.  Unfortunately mine was filled with fighting off a migraine, while trying to take care of all the other stuff I was supposed to do.  It makes things a little challenging.  I didn't even take any pictures of hockey!  Something must have really been off...

Andy's team took second place in his hockey tournament this weekend.  It was very fun to watch.  I love the format of a 3 on 3 tourney, with a shootout at the end of each game.  Andy played out of his mind this weekend.  I'm so proud of him!  The first football game is next weekend, and I'm looking forward to the change in pace.  Let's pray for nice weather for the next 6 Saturday mornings.  I have my polar fleece ready.

The weightloss journey has been slow going so far.  I've been walking outside when time and weather permit, but it's not been enough.  I hope to make it back to Zumba tomorrow night, if another conflict doesn't come up.  I really need to take a trip to the grocery store and pick up a few fresh things so I have some healthy options available.  I've just been having a hard time staying motivated.  Anybody have any great suggestions for me?  What a struggle!

What did you all do this weekend?  There are only a few days left until the photo submission deadline!  Are your pictures ready?  I can't wait to see them. I wonder if I'll have more than my own submissions this week? :)

Have a great one!


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