Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Dance Performance

I will let the pictures speak for themselves here.  Kinda how I'm rollin these days...

I hope you all have a very, very, merry Christmas!



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Before I begin telling you about our trip out to the Pine Knob Tree Farm to get our Christmas tree, I feel that it's necessary to express my sadness, horror, shock, disbelief, and sorrow for anyone affected by the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday morning.  As a mother of two, I cannot even pretend to begin to understand what those families are feeling today.  I hugged my kiddos a little longer and harder yesterday when they got home from school.  I truly hope the healing will begin soon, and the hurt they are feeling will begin to fade.
Now, on with the story.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to a local tree farm to hunt for our tree.  Morgan said these ones were too big.  Probably a good call, Morgs.
These are probably more our size!
This tree farm is just the cutest place.  We've been coming here for the past 5 or 6 years.
This cute little log house has hot cocoa and cider after you've completed your trek through the woods to help you get some feeling back in your limbs.
It was a really pretty day - lots of good photo ops!
So we bundled up and headed on our way to find just the right one.
"Over the river and through the woods..."

We found one that was nice and full but not too tall, because we certainly wouldn't want the dang thing too big or it might tip over in our living room after it's all decorated.  No, we surely wouldn't want that.
The nice man with the saw came and took 'er down for us.
While the men did the heavy lifting to get the tree into the truck, I took the opportunity to snap some more pictures.  (sorry for the duplicate on this one from a post a few weeks ago - I just love it!)
I love our family traditions.  I know the kids look forward to coming here every year.
And when I get to take pictures of them in good moods, and blog about a special day we had together, it makes me realize that all is right.  I can't believe these two are getting so big, right before my eyes. 
Methinks this might be the last year for this tradition.  Waaaah.  (I hate that the picture of this moment that turned out the best was one where I used the flash, but please take a moment to enjoy the carefully placed reflection in the mirror over the fireplace!  hehe)
I really am loving this Christmas season.  The stress is at a minimum this year - I don't have many knitted gifts that I'm giving this year, so I'm not in a huge time crunch to get that done.  Of course there are some other hand-made goodies that are in progress, but I think they are in good shape, and the shopping is under way.  I think the fact that there is a good covering of snow on the ground is helping the spirit this year.  I'm really really looking forward to the upcoming time off of work.  I need a break BAD!
Hope you are enjoying the season too!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff I'm Happy About Today

1.  I got a new iPhone yesterday.
2.  I ordered a Christmas present online for someone and it came a few days ago.  I think I nailed it.  This person is gonna love this gift, and I get to watch this person open it.
3.  I finished a sweater for myself yesterday.  It's too small, but I'm still happy that it's done.  And it will fit someday soon.
4.  Yesterday when I asked Morgan what she wanted for Christmas, her response was, "I don't know mom, I don't really NEED anything."  I think I might build off of this...  ideas are brewing.
5.  Parenthood is on tonight.
6.  The Bachelor, American Idol, and Dance Moms all have new seasons beginning in January.
7.  I get to shop for a new iPhone case pretty soon, when all the Christmas shopping is done.
8.  People have visited my blog 7486 times.  42 people read it yesterday.
9.  I also finished a scarf for myself yesterday.  I get to wear it to Andy's hockey game that begins in a little more than an hour.
10.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I know it will be better than today.
11.  The tree is still standing, and I know that soon wrapped gifts will be below it that I get to watch everyone open!



Monday, December 10, 2012

More hockey, and SNOW!

This is how the weekend started.
A little hockey.
Followed by a little more hockey.
Lots of saves.
Lots of friends.
Cute little towns decorated for Christmas.
A little hockey mom bonding time.
Santa was pulling for the Vikings this week.
I am always glad to see heaters in the rinks we travel to, but these ones really felt like you were sitting under a french fry warmer.
Oh how I love Trader Joe's.  It's probably a good thing we don't have one where I live.
I got to take some cool pictures of Christmasy stuff.
Very festive this time of year.
Morgie says "don't mess wif me!"
We had time to squeeze in a little hockey shopping.
And then it was time to go home. 
Downtown Minneapolis is very pretty when covered in snow.
Thank Jesus I didn't have to drive.
And thank Nate too.
This is what 35W looked like over the Mississippi, right where the bridge collapsed a few years ago.  It was a little scary!
I couldn't stop snapping pictures of the snow on the trees.  It was so pretty!
And in other news, my sister got a new puppy about a week ago.  He's the sweetest little labradoodle you've ever seen, and he's clearly made himself right at home!  Welcome to the family, Forte!