Wednesday, September 14, 2011

C'mon Photographers!

Nobody has any back to school pictures to enter???  I know there are some out there besides my own!!

Upload them to my flickr group before midnight tomorrow night, and then I'll announce a new assignment on Friday, and share any pictures submitted here.

See this post for more info.


Realizin I'm sounding kinda desperate...




  1. Okay......I got a new little "bar" camera (Sony around $160) and I LOVE it!!! I swear it takes better pics than my big one. Bengt said....well, it is newer technology! AND all the back to school pics I took I already posted on Fbook and my blog so I wanted to take new ones. I swear I'll do it!!! : ) Might need an extra day! I'm in! I really am! : ) xoxoxoxo