Thursday, September 29, 2011


Cleo's hat was finished up last night.  I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I think she'll love it.  I'll be sending it to her for her birthday which is just under 2 weeks away.  Aren't you impressed?  I'm done with her gift and I still have almost 2 weeks!  Remind me the day before her birthday to overnight it, k?  I'm sure I'll forget. :)

One of my favorite parts of knitting is giving the things I've made away.  My things usually seem well appreciated, and I know I love getting hand made gifts - they seem to be much more personal.  Don't get me wrong, a Starbucks gift card would rock my world too, but home made stuff just seems so thoughtful to me.

Another part I love is finishing one project and searching for the next.  It's such a wide open world of possibilities right now of what to make.  I love searching Ravelry for ideas.  I do have a few ideas brewing in my head for some Christmas gifts, which will kind of be a bummer because I won't be able to blog about them as I knit them.  I do love knitting this time of year because it's not 100 degrees outside.  When it's 100 degrees outside, you can really only knit very small things because the minute your blanket, sweater, scarf, etc is long enough to hit your legs, you become a sweat machine.  Or maybe that's just me.

Now, something I do EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. is think of 27 projects I want to make for people for Christmas.  I start thinking in September, and figure that I have 3 solid months yet to get things done.  Seems very reasonable, right?  And then it takes me 2.5 months to get ONE gift done and I'm stuck fighting the crowds to shop for gifts I haven't had any time to think about.  I KNOW that this year will be different.  I know it.  (I hope it)

So for now, I'm going to enjoy the calm feeling of having a perfectly reasonable plan for all these Christmas gifts and am going to happily go search for patterns and yarn yumminess.  Because certainly this year I won't be turning into Animal from the Muppets the week before Christmas like usual.  Nope.

Still optimistic (a little)...




  1. I still totally want you to make me something! I will buy the yarn or pay you for your time. I found so many cool hats on Raverly. I need to show you my faves so you can tell me what you are capable of : ) xoxooxoxoxoxoxo I would love to have "NEEN" original!!!!!!!

  2. Yessss! I would love to make you something! If you add patterns to your favorites on Ravelry, I can go look at what you've selected. Let me know what you like!! XOXOX