Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Something I knitted!

I bet you all thought I quit knitting, didn't you?  Hahahahaha!  Hardly.  It's just been a long time since I've blogged any knitting progress.

One of the dads in our hockey community was recently diagnosed with esophageal and liver cancer.  I tell you, that nasty C word is everywhere people.  I hate it so bad.  So again, here I am wishing I could do something to help this family get through such a hard time.

When they announced that they were going to hold a benefit with a silent auction to raise some funds to help this family tackle their medical bills, I knew this was my chance!

Out came the needles, and this is what they produced.

I'm not sure how much money I was able to help them raise, but I'm hoping it will help ease the burden just a bit.  Mom also made an afghan that we donated too!  Isn't she awesome?

I encourage you to go find something to do with your time that will benefit someone else.  It's a kinda cool feeling.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lutsen 2013

I am overjoyed to report that mom went home from the hospital last Friday with virtually no leukemic cells in her body, her white count, platelet count, and hemoglobin count slowly rising, and a sense of relief that I can't even explain.  Well, I had the relief for sure, and I'm assuming she did too.
This journey has not been easy.  We hit a very scary patch very quickly and there were simply no guarantees that she'd bounce back.  I am so very, very thankful that she did, and that we were granted more time with her.  Because it's just better with her here.
This is not to say that her cancer is cured, or that it won't come back.  In fact, we are pretty much sure that it will come back, but we have no idea when.  For today, it is gone, and I'm very happy about that.
Mom made it home just in time for our annual "Lutsen" trip with friends.  This was our 14th year renting a house with awesome friends and unwinding together. 
I think it's funny that we still refer to this trip as our "Lutsen" trip, even though we only actually go to the Lutsen, MN area roughly every other year.

This time we headed to a beautiful home a little north of Bayfield, WI, right on the shore of Lake Superior.

Being that we were kind of tucked into a bay at the mouth of a river, we didn't get the larger rounded Lake Superior rocks and crashing waves that we are accustomed to on the North Shore of the lake on the Minnesota side.

Instead we saw sandy beaches, which would have been nice if it were 80 degrees out, but that's not too common for this part of the country in Mid October.

None of us really mind though, because this trip isn't really about laying on the beach anyway.

It more about spending time with these friends.


Champagne and Knitting?  Don't mind if I do!
Our house was nicely stocked with Fiestaware and Pyrex.  It took everything in me not to just take them all home with me to add to my cupboards!
We played some games,
Drank some beverages,

Watched an incredible moon rise,

Ate some FABULOUS food,

(psssst!  Look what I cooked!  A whole bunch of root vegetables and they were soooo good!)

And went for a walk in the morning before the dew went away.

I can smell this picture.

I was a little worried what the status of the fall leaves would be since we were going a little later this year, but Mama Nature and her colors sure didn't disappoint.

Thank you again, Lutsen crew.  I know it was a little quieter year for me, but it was exactly what I needed right now. 
Good food, good friends, good wine.  Fresh air, laughter, and naps.
I absolutely cannot wait for next year.  FIFTEEN and going strong!








Thursday, October 10, 2013

Home tomorrow!

Mom gets to go home tomorrow!

We are being cautiously optimistic though.  They are sending her home because her fever has held for a few days and they were able to change her antibiotics to pill form instead of IV form.  Her white count is not rebounding like it was supposed to, so they will most likely suspend the chemo treatments.  She'll continue to go in for lab work and receive blood and platelet transfusions as needed.

Yesterday she walked two full laps around 3E pretty well, and I was able to take her outside in a wheel chair for a bit so she could get some fresh air.

Sami has had a busy week with us, even catching a football game.  I'm sure she'll appreciate spending time on mom's lap again back at home!



Monday, October 7, 2013

Cancer sucks.

I am not happy today.  I'm mad.  I'm angry at cancer.  It sucks.  It's pissing me off.

Sorry mom.  I know you are reading this.

Mom has been in the hospital since last Tuesday with a fever and pneumonia.  Her white blood cell count is hovering around 1, and that's just not enough to fight off whatever she has.

The docs are giving her antibiotics, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, cough medicine, Tylenol, and whatever else she needs, but she still can't go home.  She really wants to go home.  I really want her to go home.

Kelly came up for the weekend and we spent a ton of time together and had some good laughs.  We brought the Scrabble board into the hospital and played a mad game with her yesterday.  But she cheats and we let her.  (You tell me.  Is zeel a valid scrabble word?)  :)

Today is back to work, sitting at my desk wishing I could be there with her to keep her company.

I love you mom.  I know this is hard and sucks.  I wish I could snap my fingers and make it better.  I would have done it from day one if I could have.

I love you!