Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thrifty Weekend in Mad-Town

This past weekend we road tripped it down to my sissy's house for the long Easter weekend.  Friday was a day that we had nothing scheduled except for an outing that included as many resale/thrift stores as we could fit in.

Call it what you'd like; Thrifting, Junking, Hunting...

I love hitting stores away from home.  I just feel like I'm not looking at the same old things.

You never know what you are going to find.  I'm always looking for a few specific things, and can't pass by the craft/yarn sections.  It makes me wonder when I come across something like this.  Obviously a project that someone didn't get to finish.  The needles were still in the work!  Maybe they got sick of it and just couldn't finish it.  (I've been there!)  Maybe it was found in someone's estate after they had passed?  Guess I'll never know.

A quick stop for lunch at a local brewery...  Good thing the girls loved their food, because the initial impression of the place wasn't great by them when all they could smell was the brewing ingredients.  Apparently 11 and 13 year old girls aren't fond of the smell of hops??

Sis and I had to come home with some of these pint glasses.  Not necessarily thrifty, but a good addition to the collection in my cupboard!

Off to a few more stores.  Madison has three of these St. Vincent de Paul stores, and we visited all of them.  I sure wish we had some of them here.  They just seem so much more reasonably priced than the ones we have in Duluth!

If you need some plates, this is the place to go.  I, however am good on plates right now.  I've always thought it would be fun to just buy some to throw against a brick wall though.  hehe.

We were close to the downtown area, so we did a little touristy drive through the city and went past the capital building...

A pretty old church...

and the stadium where the Badgers play football!

More thrifting after playing tourist a little led us to plenty of jeans and pink camo pants.  You never know, I guess.

Also, if you need any naked Barbies with horribly snarled hair, I know just the place for you.

Uggggh.  Now, some of you might find this cute, but I do not.  It did provide Morgan and I a good laugh, and had we been going to an Ugly Easter Sweatshirt party on Easter Sunday, I would have snatched this up.  But instead, I took a picture to share it here.

This was another funny find.  The real deal paper dolls.  This is what we did before iPhones, kids.  This book was actually in very good shape.  It didn't have the cheapy punch out paper dolls, it was honest to goodness get-your-scissors-out-and-cut-around-every-goll-darn-tab paper dolls.  I never did have a fondness for Nancy Reagan though, because when I was in elementary school and she was the First Lady, there were some kids at school that would call me Nancy Reagan.  It's not even really that mean of a thing to call another kid, because man, it sure could have been worse, but I know I HATED it.  Maybe because she was SO OLD.  Haha!

We had a great day together and shared some good laughs!  SO much fun!  We didn't find any jackpots to share, but bought a few things nobody needed, and made some memories.

I just wish Mad-Town wasn't 5 hours away. :(