Thursday, July 23, 2015

Relay For Life 2015 Edition

Last Friday night was the 2015 Relay for Life.  It was a balmy 80 degrees out at the start, but with a little breeze it was manageable.

I just want to take a minute and thank EVERY person that donated towards my fundraising efforts this year.  Each year my goal is a measly $100, and I'm continually amazed at everyone that is willing to pitch in and try to help END cancer.  I blew my $100 goal out of the water, and upped my goal to $300, which thanks to you all, was also blown out of the water.  I believe my total raised this year was $320, which I plan to beat next year!

Some of my favorite peeps participated in the walk with me this year.  I love having these guys by my side all night.  It can get long, but I guess it's my little measly way of doing something that matters against this dumb disease.  I sure wish there was a dang cure already.

Also, a huge shout out to those who liked and commented on my Facebook posts.  (Sorry if I bombarded you with too many!)  To those that asked, I walked laps for you and those you love.

It was a good thing I got my new Brooks all ready to go before the big day.  I had some achy muscles after the 10 miles that I completed, but not a single blister!

Luminary bags were decorated for some of our favorite people that were bitten by the "C" bug.

True story.

This was my 5 mile progress update.  Lap beads that we purchase help keep track of our distance.

Sometimes we have to carry each other.  In the relay, and in life. 

Seeing the bags lit is very emotional.  I know mom would love them.

I also need to take a minute and talk about my sister Erin, who is the one who decided to get us involved in this annual fundraiser.

Erin began participating in the Relay a few years ago, starting a team at her church.  I didn't participate her first few years, but she eventually convinced me to join in the cause.  Every year the amount of money her team raises astonishes me.  This year was her best year yet, surpassing her goal of $10,000!  She puts in so much time and energy in raising money for this awesome event, from selling freezy pops in Canal Park on a busy weekend, to holding her own Color Run at the school she teaches at!  She's just awesome.  Her personal fundraising this year was $7889.  That's a lot of moo-lah.  I'm just glad I get to be a part of it.

Thanks Erin, for doing this.  I can't help but think we are making a difference!