Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here is a little story about procrastination for you:

My kids had 93 days in their summer vacation from school this year.

This was the first summer that we had them stay home by themselves during the day while hubs and I were at work.  This plan worked out pretty well, except the living room was trashed pretty much all summer, and I'm sure they could both recite every episode of iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, and The Suite Life on Deck that was ever made.

My sweet, darling, adorable son had a summer reading assignment to complete (which, in my opinion, is pretty dumb...  Let the kids have summer, for Pete's sake).  They were given a list of 5 or 6 books that they could pick from.  They had to read it, and do a few written things for it.  At the end of July, I made my sweet son choose his book and I picked it up from the public library on one of my lunch breaks (see what a GREAT mom I am!?).  I told him that it would be a good idea for him to read about an hour each day until it was done, and then it wouldn't seem like such a huge deal.  He actually read the book pretty quickly.  I'm glad it held his attention.  I was a little worried when I read on the back of the book that it was about a boy who was cloned from the King of a country located in between the US and Mexico, where the main product produced was opium.  Um, what?  Yes, druglords and all.  Well, it was on the list from the school, so ok, whatever.

So the book was finished, with lots of time left before school began.  But it was summer.  And it was sunny out.  And there was a bike to ride, and hockey tournaments, and Disney Channel to watch.  So finally on day 91 of summer break, sweet, darling son finally decides it's probably time to start on the project part of the book assignment.  Guess when the school decided to take the assignment details and printable worksheet off of the school website?  Can you guess?

Day 90.


Thank you, Jennifer, for saving the day!

Not ready for battling the procrastination gene with them every single night...



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