Monday, September 26, 2011

Madeline Island Vacation

I just returned from one of my very favorite trips that we go on every year.  Twelve years ago, my BFF Angela got an anniversary gift from her Mother In Law for a getaway at a rental home near Lutsen, MN.  The home looked gorgeous online, was right on Lake Superior, and had four bedrooms.  The awesomeness that is Angela couldn't go on a getaway with her husband to a four bedroom house and leave three bedrooms empty.  So, she decided to invite three other couples to join them.  We had an amazing time.  A few rounds of golf, a hike through the north woods during prime autumn leaf season, bonfires on the beach of Lake Superior, cocktails, extravegant dinners, card games, and excellent company.  An annual tradition was born!  How cool is it that we just returned from our TWELFTH trip?  I am so so lucky to have these friends in my life.

The majority of our trips have been up to the Lutsen/Grand Marais area, but this year we decided to go a different direction and headed to Madeline Island, which is one of the Apostle Islands, located north of Bayfield, WI, out in Lake Superior.

As the name implies, the vacation home we rented is located on an island, which meant we had to take a ferry for the short distance across Lake Superior.

The marina that we caught the ferry at had that magical feel to it.  I don't know what it is.  There is something about being near a large body of water that is so calming to me.  The sounds of the waves and seagulls, the smells of fish that have been brought in by the local fishermen...  I love it all.

The docks on the other side of the ferry ride were smaller, with fewer boats, but were accomodating to the small size of the island.  I found this tugboat completely charming, and it was even labeled with my initial.

As much as I am afraid the seagulls will poop on me (don't ask me why I have this fear) they are as much a part of Lake Superior life as the water!  This fella has clearly been fed well by the tourists.

It was overcast most of our trip this year, but it really didn't make it any less memorable for me.

Tom's Burned Down Bar was a necessary stop for us.  Here, Beth and Lorie are enjoying really, really big cans of Foster's that were so cold they needed their mittens to hold them.

Here is our gang (minus Scott - he was taking the picture) getting cozy at Tom's.

There were some very interesting locals bellied up.  I have a feeling this fella has a permanent stool here.

Campfires on the beach never disappoint.  Especially when you are learning some new photo techniques!

The Sepp's dog Buddy loved his time roaming the beach too!  I'm pretty sure he'll be sleeping well tonight.

LOTS of laughs.  I'm hoping I burned off some of the calories I took in this weekend.  But I really don't want to think about that right now.

Here is the group sitting down to a wonderful dinner of salad, grilled veggies, and steak.  We did not go hungry, that is for sure!

We have discovered that pouring a perfect Black and Tan is a task that must be well practiced.  It's not as easy as it might seem.  Just ask Beth.

It was not hard to look at this every day.  Not at all.

We did finally see a bit of sun, so frisbee golf was a must.  Gotta hang on to any warm-ish fall days we get!

All good things must come to an end though, right?  The ferry ride back over to Bayfield was a bit choppy!

Dan, Beth, Angela, Scott (& Buddy), Lorie, Dave, me, and Nate!
Like I said before, I am lucky, lucky, lucky to have all of these friends (and family) in my life.  Thank you all for making this 12th annual "Lutsen" trip as successful as the 11 that came before it.  I love you all!

Here's to 50 more "Lutsen" trips!



P.S.  How are your blue photos coming along?  I took several on my weekend trip.  It was cool to be looking around the town for blue stuff.  Remember to get them posted to the Flickr group before midnight on Thursday!

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  1. Wow Nancy this is Awesome! You did a great job of capturing the trip. It was very fun to show the kids. Thanks!