Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Fall TV Lineup

Does it seem like there is an overabundance of good TV this year or is it just me?  I can't remember the last time that I was excited about so many new shows starting.  It kills me that we are so busy in the evenings with hockey, dance, football, zumba, etc, that I can't be at home on my couch with knitting needles in hand every single night from 7-10 PM to catch everything!

Last night I watched the first hour and 1/2 of the new season of Dancing With the Stars.  I like watching the first episode and making my predictions for the season.  Last night was a fun one to watch, but at 8:27 I noticed that one of my facebook friends posted something about 2 1/2 Men, and I really wanted to see that first episode with Ashton Kutcher.  So I flipped it over to that channel and caught the last scene where Ashton walks into the kitchen naked.  Pretty funny.  I didn't really watch that show last year though, but kinda wanted to see Ashton.  Not the end of the world that I missed that one.

I could have flipped back to Dancing With the Stars at this point, but the new one called Two Broke Girls came on.  It was just ok in my opinion.  The story behind it is good, but I thought there was something missing in the acting.  Maybe it will progress as time goes on, but it needed a little work.  I wanted to give it a chance though, so I made it through the episode.

Next up?  The Playboy Club.  I had heard a little about this one, but not too much.  I really, really liked this show last night.  Main reason?  Eddie Cibrian.  As my BFF Angela likes to say, "HOLY HANNAH!"  Who wouldn't love looking at this for an hour every Monday night??  Eddie plays the strikingly handsom Nick Dalton:

Yep.  Mighty fine.  Don't you agree?  What?  You need another picture of him to be sure?  Um, ok.

Yes, just as handsome as he was when he was in CSI.  I have a thing for guys with dimples.  I even got to marry one! Lucky me!  :)

Seriously though, aside from this eye candy, the show really has a great storyline so far.  It's set in the early 1960's, and one of the bunny's from the club kills the mob boss with the heel from her shoe to his jugular when he's trying to assult her in the back room of the club.  Luckily, Nick came to her rescue and helped her dump the body into a river.  Now they are trying to convince the mob that they don't know what happened to their boss.  It's exciting, great acting, great writing, the costumes are fantastic, and it grabbed my attention enough for me to make an effort to be home on Monday's at 9PM.  Let's hope it continues on!

Other shows I'm looking forward to watching this year:

Up All Night - seems VERY relatable as a parent, and I really like Christina Applegate.
Prime Suspect - this one could be great, or it could be another cop show.  I'm willing to give it a chance.
Revenge - I loved Emily Van Camp in Brothers and Sisters, and the previews looked really good to me.
Modern Family - I haven't gotten into this one at all yet, but with all the hype, I think I need to give it a shot.
X Factor - I gotta admit it will be good to see Simon and Paula again!  Kinda like a car accident - you gotta peek at it on your way by, right?

I'm sure there are others that I'm not thinking of right now, but my lunch break is almost over.  What shows are you excited for this season???

TV Junkie...



  1. oh! I soooo get ya! I have a list of shows to set up on my DVR when the date comes around! Bengt watched Playboy club last night (I DVRed it and haven't watched it yet) and he said it was really good. Can't wait!

  2. oh and I think Eddie is H-o-t- hot energy but seriously.........Lee Ann Rimes? PLEASE! She's so scary gross anorexic and over tweets like a nut case. I'm over these celebrity (wanna be's)!!!!
    and his ex is on RHOBH???? Come on people.

  3. LOL! I heart you Tricia. Totally agree about Lee Ann. I liked her when she was a good singer at 12 years old, but she fell into the celeb trap. There is something weird about her brows too. I'm terrible! :)