Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Captured in a New Lens

So here's the thing.  I haven't blogged in like 2 months.  Lame, I know. 

But here I am.  And I got a new lens from hubs for Christmas, so where better to show off some good Christmas photos, right?

The thing about photography is that you have to like details.

Like lenses, aperture, editing, ISO, memory cards, batteries, storage space, backups, deleting, 

and white balance.

Clearly I need a little reminder on white balance.  This is why all of these indoor photos, while still cute, and show off the family beautifully, look yellow.

Every little dang setting has to be just right.  Details.  Dangit.

I can still show you the cool hat I made for Miss Bailey though.  I think she liked it.

She's not really jaundiced, I promise.  Dang you, white balance!

I edited all of these photos last night too, to make them look somewhat less yellow, and thought they saved all edited, but I'm cheap and don't have a super great editing program, so none of it saved.  Details.  So I'm sorry to make you look at yellow photos.

I'll get there someday.  In the meantime, I'll just move to a different area with a little better light.

Better light = less yellow.

But when I moved to a better area, the old lens that would have worked better for this kind of huge family photo was all the way upstairs on floor 3, in my camera bag.  So we get blur, and the poor volunteer snapping the picture had to stand about 40 feet away from us.  Details.

Every now and then I can get a little lucky and snap a great one.

These two are inspiring!

Ahh, here's some much better light.

Kids are much cuter with the correct skin tone.

Ahh, back upstairs to the yellow rooms to play a little Xbox bowling.

Settings also need to be changed for fast moving kids trying to throw strikes.

It's funny to me how this motion is exactly the same while bowling in a real bowling alley or in front of the TV.  Tongue included.

They don't love each other at all, can you tell???

Ok, on to a sunny room!

But you can't have too much sun, or you must adjust settings again.  Otherwise the backgrounds of your pictures kinda look like they are blowing up with white fire.

Sometimes the sun is good though.  It certainly works wonders on my mood.

Ask my kids, and they will tell you that any help my mood can get, the better.  Ha!

All of my Christmases were lovely though.  

Lots of family time.

Lots of time off of work.

Lots of games.

Lots of hugs.

Lots of snuggles.

Lots of practice with the new lens.

I'll get there someday.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday - however you celebrate.