Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peachy Keen!

I bought a "lug" of peaches from our local Rotary club.  I figured the kids and I love to eat fresh fruit, so why not?  I was a little worried about how many peaches exactly I'd get in a lug, but it was for a good cause, and I could give some away if we ended up not eating them before they started to go bad.

I picked up my peaches and happily handed over my money on Friay afternoon.  I brought the peaches home, and the kids immediately wanted to try them.  They each had one, and didn't say much about them.  Saturday morning I decided to try one and Oh. My. Hell.  These have got to be the best peaches I've ever eaten in my whole life.  HUGE.  Juicy.  The exact right ripeness.  I knew I needed to act fast with them before that small window of opportunity passed me by, and they started to get too soft.

Not too hard, not too soft.  Still some good peach fuzz on the skin...

It was quite the process.  We had to peel them, and cut them first.  I had to call in the professionals to help.

And since this blog is about everything except cooking, I knew I couldn't do this project without the help of my mama!!!

I have a small red pot.  Mama has a big black canner.  See why I needed her help??

I had to take a break and get this picture of my cute helper.

And what a helper she is!!  Not only did she peel and cut the peaches, but she packed the jars...

And helped make the brine...

She says that the whole process was lots of fun.  I think she will turn out to be a much better cook than me.  Hopefully she will get that trait from her grandma!

The jars in the canner...

And the finished product!  I cannot wait to make something DELICIOUS in the middle of winter with these babies!  The helpers want some pie, cobbler, ice cream toppings, or "whatever".

It was such a fun time with grandma and yet another day that I'm so thankful I have her and her wisdom right in my very city, where I can call her with my crazy ideas at any time at all, and I know she'd drop everything and come over any moment to help.  I love you mama!

Peachy numiness...


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  1. I'm jealous. My peaches didn't come in this week and I couldn't wait for next week. Too close to the move. :( Looks like lots of fun though. :)