Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Morning Backyard Visitors

Something caught my eye this morning as I was getting ready in my bedroom.  I looked out my window and could see something moving in the neighbor's yard behind the trees.  I waited a little longer and this little cutie wandered out into my view.  I grabbed my phone (of course, because it's rarely more than 10 feet away from me - I'm totally aware that it's a problem) and snapped a few pictures.

I watched for a few minutes as she sniffed around for something to eat, thinking how cute she was.  And then the little bastard took a crap in my yard.  Fantastic.

And then her sister (or maybe her brother - I didn't go look very closely) came out from behind the trees with their mom.  I couldn't get a picture of them with their mom since they started to mosey out of my view, and I was running out of time (I had to leave for work soon and hadn't done my hair yet!) .

So, little family of deer that live in my neighborhood, you are cute, and you are welcome here.  Just stay the EFF away from my garden and nobody gets hurt.  Awesome.


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