Friday, October 28, 2011


  • do I think that knitting a shawl/scarf with lace weight cashmere where the pattern calls for 396 stitches be cast on would be a good idea?
  • do I continue to pick the same hang nail spot over and over and over?
  • did I have no problem when my son started middle school, but since he's going to his first middle school dance tonight, I have a stomach ache that won't quit?
  • do I hit all red lights on the way to work when I'm running late, but all the green ones when I'm running early?
  • do I find out the day before a choir concert that the required dress is black pants, white shirt, and a tie?
  • is it so difficult for me to finish knitting a pair of mittens?  I think I have three pair at home that are missing one thumb.  ONE THUMB!  How stupid.  One of these days...
  • am I so hard on myself?
  • did I get so lucky to be placed in the family that I'm in?
Just a few random questions I have today.  If you have any ideas on how to answer these, I'd love to hear them!




  1. love this! We should come up with an easy Friday post that we can do : ) (Like this!) have a great weekend