Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here is what you need to do tonight.

Because I said so.

1.  Pick up your camera.
2.  Take a picture of anything you want.  Some ideas are a lamp, a fork, your daughter, your back yard, your stairs, your refrigerator, or the dust bunny in the corner of your dining room.
3.  Upload your picture(s) to your computer.
4.  Upload your picture(s) to The Picnik Website.  (or a site or program of your choice)
5.  Play, Play, Play!  I bet you always wanted to know what your refrigerator would look like if it was blue, right?  Or play with sharpness, contrast, or sepia settings (among a billion others).  Or jump back to your teen years and put some cool words over your picture like "BFFs ROCK!"  Go put a princess tiara on your daughter's head if she happened to have forgotten hers when you took her picture.  There is a premium level that costs real money, but plenty of very fun free things you can do too.
6.  Save your masterpiece(s).
7.  Upload them to your Flickr account.
8.  Send them on over to The Nancy's Challenge Flickr Group.
9.  Send me a comment to let me know how much fun you had and how cool I am, because all of this was done FOR FREE.
10.  Don't expect a response from me right away because I'll be out drinking 1/2 price wine with my friends tonight!

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is the deadline for the photo editing challenge.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  Be creative!  Learn something new! 



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