Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Awesome Website: www.pinterest.com

Just in case you are looking for another way to suck up some of your valuable time, check out the website called Pinterest.

I kind of think this website is something you have to see to understand just how cool it is.

The concept behind it is that you have virtual pinboards, or bulletin boards where you can "pin" things that you find on the internet.  You can either pin something as you find it in your daily surf, or you can visit other boards created by anyone with an account, and re-pin something they liked.

So, for example, I have a board called Food and Drink.  I pin recipes or cool serving ideas in there.  You'd be amazed at some of the things people find and pin.  Need an idea for cute appetizers for a football party?  Look what I found on Pinterest:

Chocolate covered strawberries made to look like little footballs!

Want some bathroom organization tips?  Check out my board called For The Home:

Are you crafty like me?  Need some new ideas?  You could spend almost as much time searching for free patterns and ideas here as on Ravelry.  These braided rugs are made out of old T-shirts.

And sometimes when I'm feeling like I need a pick-me-up, I cannot think of anything better than dreaming that I own a bunch of really really expensive shoes that look something like this.  (Check out my board for about a hundred awesomely gorgeous pairs of shoes).

And I think my very favorite board is one called Words.  Silly little things like this that make me smile.

My good friend Missy got several ideas from Pinterest that she used for her daughter's wedding last month.

You can follow people (similar to Twitter or blogs) and any time anyone you follow pins something, it will show up on your main page.  It's fun to see what people are interested in, and get all kinds of new ideas.

Like I mentioned, it might be something you need to go see for yourself before you get sucked into it like I did!  So I encourage you to check it out, because don't we all need another website to fry our brains and eat up the time we have that we should be cleaning our houses?



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