Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo Assignment #3 Submissions - AUTUMN!

I am blown away yet again.  I adore fall, and all of these pictures certainly scream fall to me!  Thank you all so much for sending your pictures in!  Enjoy!

By kebtjsmom - aren't this kids great?
By kebtjsmom - I love the caption submitted with this one.  Look close for TJ.  Kelly says he's deciding whether or not that sleepover last night was a good idea!
by obrien2000 - the always gorgeous Trout Lake!
by Mommys Missing Pieces - I love natural decorations like this!
by Mommys Missing Pieces - so cute!  I want to be here with her!
by Mommys Missing Pieces - I'm not sure why, but this is my favorite of Tricia's pictures.  Kinda simple, but a really cool persepective.  I wonder how big this "tree" will get before someone yanks it out of here!
by Marci_B08 - LOVE these trees.  Stunning colors!
by Marci_B08 - This is gorgeous.  I don't get to see acorns around here very often!
by iluke09 - dear Lord.  How can this not make you smile!?!  What a punkin!
by iluke09 - I want to be here with these kyakers too!  You can almost smell the fall air, can't you?

by Loves Photography 1970 - views like this take my breath away!

by Loves Photography - Mmmmm!
by Loves Photography 1970 - Pears!?  I want some! What a beautiful picture!
by everythingexceptcooking
by everythingexceptcooking
There were some stunning, stunning photos here!  Thank you so much for sending them in!  This one was very fun for me.

Next assignment will be announced shortly!!



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  1. Nancy! You picked my fave too! That blue background and just a splash of color and I loved the perspective too. Thanks for a great assignment!