Friday, October 14, 2011

Dance Moms

Oh boy.  Where to start with this one, I'm not quite sure.

A few nights ago was the season finale episode of the first season of Dance Moms on Lifetime.  Being that we have a 9 year old dancer in our house, this show was of particular interest to us.  It certainly was interesting to watch.

The Abby Lee Dance Studio is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The show offers a glimpse into what life is like at this particular studio for one line of competition dancers.

This is Abby.  Owner of the studio.  She looks nice, doesn't she?  Bahahahahaha!  Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!  Oh sorry.  I just think this photo is so funny.  In all the episodes I've watched (I think I've only missed one or two), I've never seen her smile like that.  She's, ummm...  kinda nasty.  She likes to yell.  And is a bit unrealistic with the girls.

I will say that the dancers are amazing.  They are very talented girls, but dance for hours and hours and hours every week.  This is Brooke and her mom Kelly.  Brooke is quite bendy.

This is Maddie.  She's an excellent dancer, but is very favored by Abby.  The other parents make it known that they are tired of that.  They make it very known.  Think cat fight.

Here's all the dancers and their moms.  Ahh, they look so happy and innocent, don't they?  Thank you Lifetime, for supplying these pictures, but they are pretty much coated in sugar.

Here is MacKenzie getting her lipstick on.  She doesn't really want lipstick on.  Her mom is telling her to suck it up.

Abby takes all these girls on a national tour and they compete new dances every weekend.  They all get tired of it, fight, call each other names, and (one of my favorite scenes) tell Abby where to shove the winning crown.  Quite quite humerous!

I really suggest you watch this show at least once.  Season two will be starting on Lifetime soon.  but if you do, I ask that you keep and open mind, and realize that probably 1% of dance studios in this country are run this way.  Morgan finds it fun to watch though, and it sure makes me glad we are at the studio we are at!!

In other news, I'm off to watch the Bulldogs crush the Gophers tonight, but I'll try to post the COMPLETELY 100% AWESOME autumn photos that were submitted later tonight.  I also have the next challenge picked, and that will be announced later too.



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