Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warm Woolen Mittens

I finished a pair of mittens last night.  They were supposed to be for me, but ended up way too small.  People that had made them before me and posted their notes on Ravelry had mentioned that they came out way smaller than they expected, but for some reason I felt that adding 4 measly stitches per round would do the trick.  It didn't.  So, now they are Morgan's.  She wore them to school today, so they have officially passed the test.

I really love them and am disappointed they don't fit me.  The good news is that I have plenty of yarn left to make another pair that will fit me!  And now I get to go spend the rest of my lunch break searching Ravelry for a new pattern!  (yes, I realize it's a little sad how excited this makes me.)

I'm just giddy I actually put the second thumb on, and finished them.  Yay!

Off to browse patterns!!




  1. Second thumb? How many thumbs should a mitten have? hee hee

  2. Haha! Guess I did word that a little weird didn't I??