Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exercising and crap.


Last night was a fun Hockey Mom's Club night.  However, between six of us, we ordered 10 appetizers (thanks to a gift certificate that Missy had) and we almost polished them all off.  ALL of them.  Onion Rings.  French Fries.  Deep fried Cauliflower with some kind of cheese in it that was so delicious I wanted to order more.  Buffalo Wings.  Dear Lord, I am sorry for what I ate last night.  Don't punish me too bad, k?  It was all soooo good!

So today on my lunch break, I went for a walk through our lovely skywalk system that is connected to my work.  According to the pedometer, I walked 1.37 miles.  I probably burned off three french fries.  Again, I say "UGH!"

Now I'm kinda sweaty, but at least I burned off three french fries.

And since I'm battling a nasty cold, I feel like someone is sitting on my chest and won't get off. 

I wish I liked exercising more.  I just don't get the endorphin high like so many people talk about.  Major bummer.

On a happier note, I got a call at work yesterday from Andy's math teacher.  She wanted to let me know that he got 100.5% on his test he took.  Way to make a mama proud, buddy!  Now, if I could get him to like Social Studies, English, and Science as much as he likes Math, we'd be all set!!

I hope you all are having a happy Thursday.  It's almost the weekend!!



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  1. Here's how I see it: Nov. and Dec. are free months for food and booze. It's the holiday season NOW. In January we worry about it all! XO
    And since my daughter is six today I'm gonna go have wine for lunch.....just kidding!