Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Blast From the Past

Last night just after dinner, Morgan and I were laying on my bed and she was reading a chapter of Little House in the Big Woods to me. (ok, how awesome is that?  It's the only way I can get her to complete her required reading minutes for school.  But hey, I love it!)  (and really, that's not even the blast from the past I'm here to write about tonight!)  We were a few pages into the chapter when we heard Andy run up the stairs shouting, "Mom! Mom!  ICE CREAM TRUCK!  HURRY!"

Jeeze.  I didn't even know my kids knew what an ice cream truck was.  Let alone that you have to hurry and find some cash so you don't miss him.

Of course we dropped everything and ran downstairs, because this was really, really important.  As we got closer to the front door, I could hear the faint, obnoxious music coming from the street.  I managed to find two ones and four quarters and told the kids to RUN!  Andy opened the front door and the song became recognizable.  Don't Worry, Be Happy.  Sounding like it was coming from a nickelodeon.  Not the song I guess I'd have my ice cream truck playing, but whatever.

So since the kids had their money in hand and were out the door, my job was sucessfully finished.  So, I went and grabbed the camera.

Well, the decor of the truck explained the tropical sounding music, I suppose.  I think the kids were a little disappointed with the shaved ice.  I remember getting ice cream sandwiches and those red, white, and blue popcicles when I was a kid.

So, they paid their $3 for a cup full of ice (am I the only one that smells a rip-off?)

and went over to the dispensor spigot things and got to choose their flavor.  They dumped about a cup of red flavored sugary syrup over the top and were happy as clams when they came back inside.  They didn't even come back in and ask for more money.  Instead of each getting a small for $2 each, they got a medium for the $3 they had, and then split it.  Awwww, isn't that cute?  I guess the red flavor was called Tiger's Blood and tasted like coconut.  My, how times have changed...

Thank you for the blast from the past though, Mr. Ice Cream Truck Driver, but next time if you could please bring drumsticks, that'd be great.  Also?  Just a hint here...  Your sales would probably be a bit better in July than November.



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