Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some more weekend fun

Morgan's bestie is spending the weekend with us while her family is away at a hockey tournament. The entire weekend has been filled with giggles.  I LOVE IT! 

Friday night the girls hung out and giggled while the parents watched the Bulldogs game on TV. 

The girls carved a third pumpkin and we finally got our seeds roasted.  They were DEEEElish.

The perfect amount of crispy and salty.  Mmmm!

Then, I decided to puree my pumpkins so I'd have some deliciousness in case my mom decides she wants to make me some pumpkin bars.  Have you ever had my mom's pumpkin bars?  To die for.

I love watching the tornado.  :)

I got three freezer bags this size, and only did 1 1/2 pumpkins!  I decided that was enough.

Saturday I drove the gigglers to a dance clinic put on by one of our high school dance teams.  It was very fun for them to spend a few hours with the older girls and learn a quick dance they performed for us at the end of the clinic. 

Today the girls baked cupcakes, and tried to make cakes a la Cake Boss, but ran into a few troubles.  They still tasted good.

I think they did a really good job on them!

Next it was on to facials and now I believe they are off giving each other pedicures.  And giggling.  I do love hearing those giggles.  These two are two peas in a pod.  :)

But remember, I don't cook.  The girls did most of it.  hehe.




  1. Wow Nancy, this is so cool!! Thank u so much for posting this and letting me see the girls fun. Thank you for having Cassie! Words cannot express how much it is appreciated.


  2. Ang, it was my absolute pleasure to have her. You have done an awesome job raising that girl. We love her so much!!