Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt!

Yesterday we went to the tree farm and selected our tree. 

I'm not sure which side of the tree spectrum you fall on, but for me, the real deal is soo much better than the artificial tree.  The smell of the fresh pine in your house is worth all the extra work in my opinion.  The imperfections in a real tree just make it better than a plastic triangle full of dust sitting in your living room.

The hunt at the local tree farm is something the kids look forward to every year too.  You get to wander through the trees, pick one that you think looks somewhere in the vicinity of fitting in your house (which usually turns out to be 3 feet too tall - or maybe that's just me?) and then have one of the employees come with a chain saw and cut it down for you.  Then you head back to the shack, dragging your tree out of the woods behind you, where they serve you hot cider or hot chocolate, and cookies by the wood burning stove.  So cozy!

It was kind of a grey day, but the warmest I can ever remember for looking for a tree!  We are usually tromping through snow, but I think it was about 45 degrees here yesterday.

After we advised Morgan to pull, not push, the tree is now standing nicely in the living room.  I need to find a little motivation to decorate it, but that will be another post at another time. :)



P.S.  I haven't forgotten about the Circles photo challenge!  I will hopefully make those posts later today!  :)  Right now I'm being called to the living room to assist in the craft project that is Grandma Jan's Christmas present!  I LOVE WEEKENDS!!!

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