Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Poor Attempt at Halloween

About a month ago, Morgan had me make a list of possible Halloween costumes in a note on my phone.  She did have some very cute ideas.  A cow, a peanut, a piglet, a turtle, a frog, and an elephant.  I guess she wanted to go with the animal theme.

Yeah, the only problem with this plan was that I would either have to spend $80 on a costume, or get creative and put something together myself.  Neither of those options sounded too appealing to me.  The big day creeped closer and we had done nothing to prepare costumes.  Luckily we are a sporty family just coming off of football season.  If sports wear that I've paid a lot of money for can be worn multiple times, I consider it to be a huge bonus.

Morgan was going to wear a helmet too, but she put it on once and almost didnt' get it off, so she opted for lipstick and her hair up instead so I guess she was a girl football player.

Derek was a bloody faced Scream ghost for part of the night.

The girls decided to come back half way through trick-or-treating and do a quick costume change.

I'm not sure if Morgan is a gangsta Christina Agulara, or a blonde haired robber (with eye black?)

Bella dressed up as a demon dog that barks a lot.

So I guess in all, it was a success.  The kids had fun, I got to hang with my friends, eat pizza and drink wine.  Nummy.  We were very poorly prepared, but there is now more candy than there ever has been in my house.

Morgan is kind of sad that we didn't even get a pumpkin this year.  We are still going to try.  I do love me some pumpkin seeds.

I hope you all had a happy halloween and no black cats crossed your path, or spiders fell in your hair, or ghosts scared you too bad.

Morgan is singing Christmas songs now, so I guess she's over the pumpkin thing and it's time to move on.



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