Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo Assignment #6 Submissions!

I know they are late, and I'm sorry.  And I probably shouldn't even really post this right now since I have a very cool picture of my own to submit, but since I am at work and my picture is on my computer at home, I can't include it.  I'll just have to show it to you later.

So here are the three that were submitted this week, under the assignment of CIRCLES.  I love them all.

This one was submitted by my mama.  I got to eat a piece of this delicious pie on Thanksgiving.  Now my pants don't fit again.  THANKS A LOT, mom.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the entire pound of mashed potatoes I ate.  I did have the light version of mashed potatoes though, I skipped the gravy. :)

This one was submitted by HulaHoopin.  Isn't this cool?  She saw some neon circles outside her window of her hotel room in Minneapolis.  I wonder what it really is?  Coooooool!

This one was taken by my very own MorgiePie!!!  She's going to pass up my photography skills in no time, and I couldn't be more proud of her.  She took 300 pictures of our tree the other day, and it still doesn't even have ornaments on it.  I have blown two fuses in the strings of lights (apparently 6 strings of these bulbs is too many???) so I have to figure out a way to split them so they run more efficiently.  Until I do that, I'm not going to deal with the ornaments yet.

So, there they are.  Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them with me.  This is so fun!  I will try to share mine tonight when I'm back on my home computer.

EDIT:  I'm back!  Here's my submission.

Thanksgiving games!  Just a few circles here.  :)

Enjoy your day!



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