Thursday, November 3, 2011

So we were a little late. So what??

Hubs tracked down a few pumpkins 1/2 price after Halloween (score!) and since I was feeling guilty about neglecting a very important Halloween tradition, the kids got their chance to carve their pumpkins last night.  Since the holiday had passed, I had not a care in the world on how they turned out.  The kids WENT TO TOWN on them and did awesome.  Why did I ever care?  These are so much better than any we've done in the past.  I love them.

See?  Aren't they great?  I was very skeptical that they could pull this task off, but they needed no help.  They went online and found designs they liked, drew them on the pumpkins and started.

This is Morgan's cat.  I'm not sure if she named it or not.  I'll have to ask her later.

And this is Andy's goofy/scary monster.  He told me he didn't care if he carved a pumpin or not, but I think he really had fun with it.

Morgan posed with her creation...

And Andy with his.

The kids really surprised me.  They were both in good moods, while I was not.  I was crabby about the whole thing.  I didn't want to help them, or clean up the mess.  They didn't need me to.  It was awesome!

So while I'm feeling all great and mushy about them doing something like this independently, please remind me of this when they are asking for the car keys to go out on a date.

Happy (late) Halloween.



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