Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Journey Home

Ready or not, the day to leave is here.


So long, luxury vehicle.  You have served us well.

I was a little unsure of what to expect from a security standpoint due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.  So we set the alarm for "holy crap it's early" and made our way to the airport. Thankfully, we made it through check-in, security, and US customs without any issues.  This left us with a bit of time for a hot chocolate...

And to cast on!

It's getting lighter outside and time to board, but not before a completed cuff.

Two movies, a few episodes of friends, and a lot of knitting later,

And I spotted the Statue of Liberty.  I was that weirdo stretching over the poor lady who had the window seat, so I didn't get very good pictures, but she slept most of the flight and liked my knitting, so I like her.

Got the cuff, the leg, the heel and part of the foot done on the plane, and finished off the toe while waiting in the Newark airport! I've never knit a whole sock in one day before, and the day wasn't even half over!

This was the view from our gate!  

I had no idea I'd finish an entire sock on my way home, so of course I packed everything I thought I wouldn't need in my checked luggage.  This included my scissors (plus I didn't want to risk them being taken through security).  I still had two flights ahead of me, and couldn't cast on the second sock until the first one was all the way done.  I had to cut that yarn somehow!  FYI, gate agents aren't allowed to keep scissors at their desks either.  So I did what I had to.  I used my teeth.  Desprate times, man.

Sock #2 cast on! Woot Woot!  Kelly and I parted ways in Chicago.  She headed to Madison, with a slight delay due to a questionable pin in the front tire of the landing gear (?!?!) but made it home safely.

I had a bit of a longer layover until I could head back to Duluth, which allowed me to bump into my girl Tricia, who was flying home from a weekend in Nashville!  So good to see you, T! How fun that we crossed paths!

I made it home and got tucked in my bed by 11:30 PM.  Exactly 24.5 hours after that alarm clock went off.  It was my favorite bed of the last 11 days.

The family did well without me, but I think Nate is glad to not be on 100% of the driving duties for the kids any longer.  I was welcomed home to a clean kitchen, clean children's bedrooms, open arms, and puppy kisses.

And now, the kids are at school, the hubs is at work, and I'm snuggled on my own couch, with the pup, the blog, and my own coffee.  The third load of laundry is almost done, and the afternoon will most likely call for a nice little nap before the driving routine for the evening commences.  I have one last day of "vacation" before heading back to work tomorrow.





  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and your comments. I enjoyed it immensely!

    1. I'm so glad! Next time you'll have to come with us, right?? :)