Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 8 - The Ring of Kerry

I'll warn you that today's post will be mostly pictures, and not a whole lot of commentary.

The day started out with a traditional Irish breakfast again from our B&B.  Just the right portions, and I gotta say I'm becoming fond of the cooked tomatoes!

We were headed out to explore the Ring of Kerry on another beautiful morning.  The difference with this day? Hail! Goody!

Luckily it didn't take too long for the rain to let up a little bit, though we did have showers off one on all day.

First stop in the ring? Kerry Woolen Mills, of course! 

This is a whole shed full of wool.  A whole shed!  Yarn is produced right here on site and sold all over the world!


They even had a little yarn image on the sign out on the road.  It doesn't take much to excite me, apparently.  Kelly is such a good sport to help me feed this addiction.

I'm pretty sure the squiggly lines mean, "drive however the hell you want through this super narrow street and hopefully come out the other side unscathed."

Really no words can describe this scenery.  

Those little white dots are sheep right down by the water!

This was right on the beach in Ballinskelligs.  I actually got to take out my sunglasses!  That structure behind us is called McCarthy Mor Tower, or Ballinskelligs Castle, and was said to have been built in the 16th century to protect the bay from pirates! Arrrrgh!

We made a stop for lunch in Portmagee for fish and chips! Delish!

It is a really cute little fishing town, but as my beautiful hair indicates, it wasn't short on the wind from the ocean!

So about halfway through our trip around the ring, and in the most mountainous parts of the trip, the luxury vehicle decided to give us a little warning that she was starting to get tired.  Can't say that I blame her, because it was a bit treacherous at times.  The check engine light was coming and going, even after the rest for lunch.  We were kind of getting to the end of the loop, but there was an opportunity to take a slight shortcut and shave off just a bit of the full route, so we took it.  Had we not, we would he missed the view of hands down, the BRIGHTEST full rainbow that I've ever seen in my whole life.  It was so big, and I felt like I was right under it.  I couldn't even fit it all in one picture.  Surreal. Thanks mom.  I know you are here with us!

We made it back to the B&B, freshened up a bit, and as our schedule has seemed to settle, headed out to find some pub food for dinner.

I had a seafood pancake topped with a hollendaise sauce, which was absolutely fantastic, and would have fed me for three meals instead of just one.  Good God! 

I'm sure Guinness wasn't the proper pairing for the seafood pancake, but I couldn't break my streak, and I didn't get one for lunch, so it was a must!

Sadly, we are coming to the last few days of the trip.  Although I was a little concerned today about the health of the luxury vehicle, she got us all the way around, and the folks at the rental car place told us to not be concerned since the light was only flashing, and had been off for some time by the time we got back.  Ok, I'll take your word for it.  Hopefully she gets us back to the airport on Monday!

We just have a few more adventures that I'll share, before returning home.  I do love it here, but I'm missing the family at home! 



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