Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 5 - Kilkenny

Still following along? I hope I'm not boring you to tears!

Time to head out of Dublin to our next city. I kind of feel like we didn't get to see enough in Dublin, but that just means we have to come back. It's a big place!

It has truly been a whirlwind trip. 

We headed to the M50 and south to Kilkenny, welcoming the blue sky!  We were going to take the scenic route through Glendalough, but were worried about not having enough time in our next city since we only had one night there.  So we decided to just take the highway and get there a little earlier.

Sock number two is well underway! I only stabbed myself twice when trying to reach for the camera quick to take a picture of something cool. All is fine.  No blood.

Kilkenny was the next town, and the castle was amazing. 

Really massive, even with the one tower and wall missing.

The tour was very interesting.  The castle was built over 800 years ago and was owned by the Butler family.  It was restored in the 1990s to the way it was lived in last, but it had sat empty for 30 years, and the dampness had done quite a bit of damage to it, so it was extremely expensive to do the amount of restoration they have done.

Unfortunately they don't allow photography inside, so you'll have to come see for yourself how interesting it is!

We are having a blast playing tourist, and I don't think Kelly is too sick of me yet.  

After our castle tour, we checked into the Celtic House B&B to freshen up a bit.  It was another nice place, though my bed (the close one) was a bit saggy in the middle!

We headed out to explore the town and find a late lunch. The "Verona" pizza at Lautrecs Bistro was perfection on a pizza pan. Lordy me. Sundries tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, and onions. Sooo good!

We did a little window shopping, and a little wandering, going no place in particular, just waiting to see what we'd run into.

I just can't get enough of these cute little streets lined with shops, restaurants, salons, and coffee shops.

We ended the day with a few different pubs, and some live Irish music.  I can't seem to post my video on here, so you'll have to look for it on Facebook if you haven't already seen it.  Bulmers is a very light, Irish made cider.  It was good, but the bottle was huge, and it had a very low alcohol content.  Probably fine, but I got very full!


A good bartender that knows that you are on holiday will put a shamrock in the head of your Guinness. 

Time to head on back to our beds to rest up for whatever tomorrow brings!




  1. Your trip looks sooo amazing so far! :)

  2. mmmmm Bulmers. My favorite! Have one for me!