Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 2 - Galway and Clifden

I'm falling behind on the blogging, we've been so busy!

We spent two nights at St. Jude's in Galway, so our second day was spent in the same area.

Lucky for me, Galway has more than one yarn store.  Kaching!  Yarn purchase #2 has been made.

We decided to get in the car after the yarn purchase and catch some scenery, so we headed west to Clifden.  Sheep! They are so cute! And plentiful.

Being the hockey moms that we are, we both couldn't help but think the road construction signs looked like a player waiting for a pass. Get that stick on the ice though!

There are so many little towns that are absolutely adorable. I believe this one was called Recess. I wish I could have seen it at night with those little lights on.

At one point I went to open our notebook where we are keeping track of places we want to see and attempt to even out our costs.  Kelly apparently started a list here. As you can see, there is nothing else needed. Best list ever!

Seriously stunning. The fall colors are so perfect right now! It has been rainy every morning but has been clearing up in the afternoons/evenings, which I'll take!

Yep, we had to buy these. Who wouldn't?  I can't tell you what shamrocks taste like, but apparently I ate some on these chips.  Haha!

The sun came out just as we got to Clifden.  Adorable!

Our first closeup view of an authentic castle! 

There is really only a few walls left of this one, but soooo cool to think about the people that once stood on this very groud so many years ago. 

This is just one of the beautiful churchs in Clifden. 

After Clifden we headed a little south to Roundstone, a small fishing village right on the ocean. 

There is no other place like this on earth. 

We stopped here for lunch and a yummy local cider. 

Goodbye Roundstone! Thanks for the stunning views!

Back in Galway, we found a micro brewery for dinner that was close to the B&B so we could walk to and from it.

And one las stop at a pub on our walk home. Every pub has the FRIENDLIEST bartenders!  

Galway definitely gets two thumbs up from both of us. Tomorrow we travel to Dublin!



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