Saturday, November 7, 2015

Special guest poster...

Hey...  It's Kelly, not Nancy. I'm taking over the blog for a night. I know I've got some friends checking here so I thought I'd say hello. HELLO!!!  

We can't seem to pass up any opportunity to take a picture of something with the O'Brien name on it. Think we could talk someone into giving us a free drink in a place with O'Brien on the front door?  Me neither. 

So far, the trip has been amazing. Everything we thought it would be. The driving stressed us out on the first day.  Lack of sleep made it difficult. You need to have your wits about you if you are going to drive in Ireland when you are used to driving in America. But, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!  I think the hardest part is dealing with the GPS since we can't use our phones for navigation. Downtown Galway had us crapping our pants. It was a weekday and the streets that look like one ways are really two way. They are just that narrow. Can I turn on red?  Stop honking at me!!!  And haven't these people ever heard of street signs?  Left, left, left!  I think I've walked to the wrong side of the car about five times already attempting to get in the drivers side only to have Nancy ask me what I was doing. 

Did you know Nancy has a little addiction?  One might think that the addiction involves alcohol because that's all we've been posting pictures of on Facebook, but that's not it. 

The girl certainly loves her yarn. It's a major priority for her. And who am I to come between a girl and her yarn?

Today we visited Connemara where they mine some pretty gorgeous marble. This was purely by chance. I wonder if my friend Susan is reading this?

We decided that this was the sort of place that we like. 

We stopped for lunch in Roundstone. What a cute little fishing village. It's out in the middle of nowhere... A good place for me to drive!  

Does this remind you of "A Christmas Story"?  

This is for my brother-in-law Jim.  Greetings from the O'Connor clan. 

Tomorrow is Dublin. I don't think I can muster up the balls to drive in the city.  I'm glad we are meeting up with a friend of a friend to show us around. Really looking forward to that. 

Ok. Nancy and I are watching what appears to be "Drag Queen Idol" and then hitting the hay.  More to come. 

Peace out,

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