Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 9 - The Day The Weather Won

First off, I'm very happy to report that The Socks are complete.  

This makes me happy because I can store my needles again to go through security at the airport and hopefully won't have an issue.  Then I can cast on something new to work on for the journey home!

I'd also like to take a brief moment to thank the lady that lives inside this GPS.  It was lovely to have her along on our journey, and I don't know what we would have done without her. She knows her way around the country, and which exit to take from the rotaries.  There are a LOT of dang rotaries in Ireland.

So the itinerary for this day led us to the Cliffs of Mohr and the O'Brien castle.  We had been looking forward to this day for the whole trip. Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't want to make it so.  These golfers didn't mind so much, but the constant drizzle and fog just wasn't letting up for us.

I'm glad I'm not a cow that has to live in this weather.  I do appreciate a nice warm meal and bed.

The drive there was still pretty, but I felt the wind was going to take the luxury vehicle right off the road a few times.

We paid our admission, bundled up, and laughed our way up to see the cliffs, and while we couldn't see all of them at least we saw a few.  I wish I had wipers on my glasses!

Hey Miss Katie, I think this is a climbing challenge, no?

There she is! The O'Brien castle.  For an extra 2 euro we could have gone inside on a nice day, but of course it was too windy and it was closed today.

But here we are!  We made it!

Safety warnings are so helpful, aren't they? Let's not let this happen folks.

Although the strongest winds I've probably ever felt kept us from the views we've seen in pictures, it was still amazing to be here.

After our brief, wet, visit at the cliffs, we were off to find our B&B for the night in Doolin.  

It's still amazing to see various old structures along the drives to pretty much anywhere.  I love how they are still standing.  I feel like if these were in the states they would have been torn down a long time ago.

Lunch.  (Yes there was food too, but it's more fun to take pictures of my beer.)

Mmmmm.  Frothy yummy.

Fitzpatricks is where we had lunch before doing a little shopping in town and checking into the B&B.

Also closed today.  Darn it.  I still had to take a picture though.

Dinner out in Doolin was at McGann's Pub.  We had a little spillage on the pour, but I didn't mind.

Such a cute little pub with little decorations that have been there for YEARS!

Apparently I was on too much of an Irish Stew Hangover to take any additional pictures of the actual town of Doolin, so I'm sorry.  It was pretty foggy and miserable though, so they wouldn't have turned out very well anyway.  Like I said, I feel like the weather won today.  

Tomorrow is our last full day in Ireland.  We have a few things planned, but honestly are so exhausted that I don't know if we will fit them all in! We shall see!




  1. Those cliffs look AMAAAZING!!! Challenge accepted. :) Travel safe!!

  2. I visited the Cliffs in a torrential downpour. It was all part of the experience. One of the gals I was with brought along an umbrella. Within seconds, it was inside out.
    (I wore waterproof golf shoes to the feet stayed dry. The two gals I was with wore canvas Converse shoes. I think they're still wet.)