Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 3 - Onward to Dublin!

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has liked or commented on my blog posts, Facebook pictures and Instagram pictures. I'm glad you are enjoying following along on our adventure. This is not just a way for me to share my pictures with you, but a way to help myself remember every moment I'm lucky enough to experience!

On with the show!  

Sunday morning we got up, enjoyed our breakfast at St. Judes, and packed up the car for the next leg of the trip. We headed west to Dublin and said goodbye to Galway. 

We made a stop about halfway in a little town called Athlone. There was a little mall there, and we did a bit of shopping.  Lunch at Costa Coffee was yummy and I think I have developed a slight addiction to chai latte. Num!

Back on the road again.  Our first attempt at getting petrol for the car was a little interesting, and involved a lot of math, but whatever right? The tank is full again, and that means we can keep going.

Sure Ireland, I'll pay your dang tax I guess. 

I think they are on to something here. I bet Andy would agree, because he'd never have to mow.

Our accommodations for the next two nights...  Yes please!

The Clontarf Castle Hotel is absolutely stunning. 

Our room is so fancy I just can't even stand it. 

We stopped at the hotel bar for a quick cocktail before hitting the town.  One of Kelly's friends has a cousin that lives in Dublin. They invited us over for dinner and to show us to their local pub!

We decided that a taxi would be WELL worth the money over to their house, after our experiences with driving in Galway.  Our taxi driver said this is the bank of Ireland, and where Clinton and Obama have spoken before. 

Christ church in Dublin founded in 1028!  Crazy to think about how long that gorgeous church has been standing there! 

We were treated to some DELICIOUS appetizers, great local beers, and even better hospitality! 

This is Ruairi and Fiachra.  They were SUPER excited to take a picture with the two weird Americans. They are adorable though, and I wanted to take them home with me!

After the warm hospitality at their home, Neil and Sinead Kenealy took us just down the block to McGarry's pub at Harold's Cross.  We had a blast!  We were drilling them for tips and tricks to help us get through the rest of the trip. They were so helpful and funny!  I do hope they make their way to Wisconsin sometime soon and our paths cross again. 

Fantastic!  Memories were made that I'll never forget!

Patrick, the pub owner, came over to meet us too.  Everyone is so incredibly friendly.

Thank you Neil and Sinead for such a fun evening!




  1. I've been to Ireland a few times and have never stayed in a castle. I'm so jealous!!!