Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 7 - The Road to Killarney

I'll give you one guess what the weather was like in the morning when we packed up and headed out of Blarney.

The scenery was just as pretty though, and at least it wasn't super foggy.

Our next destination was Killarney, but instead of heading east, we backtracked a bit to catch a few things that weren't too far out of our path.

I love that you never know what kind of old structure you are going to see around the next corner.

Ugh.  So wet!

We arrived in the port city of Cobh, to the stunning view of St. Colman's Cathedral with Cork Harbor in the background. 

A really stunning town, situated very similarity to San Francisco, though Kelly says this hill was much steeper. I've never  been to San Fran, but I'll take her word.  This was steeper than Lake Ave in Duluth for sure! Good thing it doesn't snow here.

The stoops were so cute!

Absolutely stunning views of the ocean.  The wind almost took me down to the fishing boats the fast way though.

This is what happens when you hold your phone in camera mode on your lap for long periods of time.  I thought you might like to see a closeup of my jeans. :)

After leaving Cobh, we headed into Cork City to find a yarn shop that was on my list.

It was still raining cats and dogs, and Cork City was much bigger than I had anticipated. We drove around town a little bit, and I even asked someone where the store was, but parking was horrendous and I am just not a city girl, so we ditched the yarn shop and rerouted the GPS to Killarney.

Just a smidge of rain, huh?

I love these exclamation point signs.  They get your attention!  Maybe someone was trying to tell me to be excited for the blue sky?

This one is for Morgie Pie!

I believe this was a cool old building in the town of Macroon.  Just cool to see this in the city center!

I love all the bright colors, but I don't know if I could live in such tight quarters.  I guess it's been a while since I've lived in an apartment.

Sheep are around every corner.  Sheep are good.  Sheep give me yarn.  Yarn makes me happy.

This is St Mary's Church in Killarney.

It was time to find a place for lunch and an Irish Coffee! I couldn't have come to Ireland and not tried an Irish coffee.  That wold be like coming to Ireland and not buying any yarn.

You don't say?  Hmm. I might need to go in this shop, Kel!

The trunk of the luxury vehicle is getting full. I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything in my suitcase.  I'll worry about that a different day.

Today, I have another castle to visit.

This is Ross Castle built in the 15th century. No admission to get into this one.  Perfect for us cheap Americans who just want a few pictures! 

Really interesting to see these walls and think about the people that have walked right here 600 years ago!

Time to explore the city for some nightlife.

The Christmas decorations are out in full force over here already.  Evan, the bartender, hooked me up with my daily Guinness.

And Liam sang Danny Boy to us beautifully! It was another moment that I really couldn't believe that I was living.  I am not taking one minute of this for granted, and I'm constantly reminded how lucky I am to be here, and share all of these experiences with my sissy!

We rounded out the day with another whiskey drink and some more music from Liam.  Tomorrow is another busy day, with another adventure waiting!



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