Friday, October 26, 2012

Here's the Longer Vacation Post.

I hope you have that group of friends.  You know the ones.

The ones that walk into a bar and see a large stuffed cat and shout, "Ladies!  We need to get our picture taken by the cougar!"  None of us actually know if this is, in fact, a cougar or not, but we pretended it was.

The men are happy as long as they have a beer in hand, even if getting dive-bombed by ducks.

Remember last year when we went on our Madeline Island trip?  It's that time again.  This year it wasn't Madeline Island though, it was back up the North Shore with my group of those friends.

Those friends are the ones that don't question your actions.  Like taking pictures of signs, or sitting in the corner knitting.  I didn't knit in a bar, for the record.  Not once.

Good friends can spend long weekends together with no drama.  And all look at a sign that says "the Wood Shed" and all break out in giggles, with no words needing to be spoken.

Friends can fork over cash for a whole bunch of pull-tabs and not even win a measley dollar, and just get over it.  Move on.

When friends know of your Irish lineage, they don't think it's weird for you to take pictures of bar cardboard coasters.

We can enjoy the views together...

And when one of us finds a cute, but unusual looking bug, and feels the need to kiss it, WE DON'T JUDGE.

This is why it's so important to have good friends.

Here's another reason.  When someone comes up with the idea of buying red wigs to wear, nobody even asks why.  You just do it, because you know it will be fun.

I know these ladies will be fine with me posting these pictures on my blog, because they are my FRIENDS. (I hope)

If you want a moment alone to take in all that Lake Superior has to offer, GO FOR IT!

We think nothing of playing Jenga in a bar with a moose.  Why do you ask?

Moooooose madness!

If you want to make a stop to a building you've been by several times but never in, everyone is all over that idea.  (I'm sooo glad we did!  This was a jaw-dropping sight for sure!  Nanabajou Lodge)

Friends warn friends of past experiences that may have effects on digestive systems.  Just sayin. 

While we did spend a little time in a few bars, we also made sure to enjoy nature.  The sky at this moment was so beautiful.

I love having time to do nothing and play with my camera!

If you've never gathered with your friends around a coffee table playing games, with the lake 30 feet away from your picture windows, with beverages poured, and background music being drowned out with laughter, I highly recommend it.

If there is a fireplace with a roaring fire in the room with you, it's a huge bonus.

Vacations are good for you.  Good for the soul.  No schedules.  No expectations.  Just go do what you want.  Right now.  You want a nap?  GO!

Have you ever tried making a chimney on your campfire with an old piece of wood that has a hollow center?  No?  You should.  It's really really cool.

This fire on the beach would have been really really cool even without the chimney pieces though.

"Oh, you are standing on the beach with your camera?  Ok, I think I'll fly right over you then."  Thanks Mr. Eagle!  Also, thanks for not crapping on me.

"What?  You'd like me to turn this way and look over here for a better picture?"  Yes, Mr. Otter.  That would be great!

"Did you get a good enough picture yet?  How about an action shot of me eating a fish I just caught?"  Much obliged, kind sir.

It's cool to see that these guys have their group of friends too.  I wonder which one of them will be bringing the red wigs to their vacation weekend??

Last four pictures are courtesy of the coolest brother ever, who is teaching me loads about photography!
Dear friends,  I love each and every one of you.  Thank you for being who you are, letting me be goofy, and being goofy with me.  I am SO lucky to be able to spend time with you, and hope that these past 13 annual trips are just the beginning to the next 50 years that we continue them!  I can't WAIT for next year!! 
Woop Woop!




  1. These pictures are amazing! And everyone NEEDS friends like that. They are good for the soul!

    1. Thanks Shelly! And yesss! Good for the soul!!! :)

  2. I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out and I'm not sure why.......well, you know why kinda. Just am so in love with this post and with having friends like that and needing this exact kind of weekend right now! I miss you and love you much! And, this did make me feel really good despite the tears. xo Reminds me of TLake so much!

  3. OH, I keep forgetting to tell you this: I DESPISE that verification BS thing so much! Every time I post on your blog it takes me at least 2 or 3 times to verify!!!! GRRRRRR!