Sunday, November 4, 2012

A finished sweater!

Halloween was very uneventful at our house this year.  We did get our pumpkins carved before halloween, but the kids decided to not dress up at all.  They opted to stay home and hand out candy instead.  It was a little sad for me, but let me tell you, not having to worry about what they are doing with 2 tons of candy in the house is worth it.  There was a mad scramble to find something to work with in the house just as it was starting to get dark, but when Andy didn't want to go around the neighborhood in my red wig from the trip and a green velvet dress from the very back of my closet (it really looked awesome if you ask me - I should have taken a picture!) the mission was aborted.

And can we just talk about pumpkin seeds for a minute?  We all LOVE them in this house.  They are sooo good.  I just wish you didn't have to deal with the whole pumpkin part of it.  I hate wasting the pumpkin, but I still have some in the freezer from last year (probably ought to use that up pretty soon...) and frankly don't want to go through the whole process of preparing it again.  Ugggh.

Anyway, the topic of this post was supposed to be a sweater that I finished, so onward...

Here she is.  Ain't she a beaut?  (if I do say so myself!)

Her name is Aidez, and her pattern (free!) can be found at the Berroco Website here.  The yarn I used was gifted to me from my awesomely thrifty mama.  So, pretty much a free, cozy, scrumptious, WARM knit cardigan just for meeeee!  The temps are dipping further every day, and I imagine I'll be wearing this several days this winter.

You can bet your behind that there are mistakes in it, so please don't look too closely.  If you find them, kindly don't mention them, mmmkay?
Usually when I finish a project of this size, I'm at a loss for a while of what to start on next.  Not this time.  I took inventory today, and I have another sweater, two scarves, two hats, and an afghan currently in progress.  No shortage of projects right now.  No wonder I can never find any free needles when I want them...
I was going to show you some super cool wool mittens that I recently finished, but I forgot to take pictures of them when I was photographing the sweater, and thanks to that brilliant idea called daylight savings time, it's now 5:11 and too dark outside to take a picture.  I'll have to save it for another day.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Nance. I love it. And thanks for the credit.

  2. SO FANTASTIC you talented friend of mine!!! xo

  3. OMG! I Just published a comment without jumping through hoops! LOVE !

    1. Thanks love! And yes, I turned off the verification thingy since you said it was driving you batty. No spam yet! At this point though, if it means more comments, maybe I'd welcome spam??? ;)

  4. Next fall you and I have to work out the pumpkin/seeds thing. I always end up throwing out my seeds, not because I don't like them, but because I don't have time to deal with them due to cooking down the pumpkin and dealing with apples, etc. We go through a lot of pumpkin in our house, so I use all of several pumpkins each year.

    1. Oh my gosh! I will take any seeds you don't want! We never have enough!!