Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm going to catch up on posts here tonight, since I finally am sitting down, with the camera hooked up to the computer, and the pictures downloaded from the camera to the computer.  Such an amazing thing!  I know!!

So a few weeks ago, our truck got another owie in its engine.  It got a brand new engine a while ago, but apparently it hasn't been taking the anti-rejection meds like it was supposed to (think I've been watching a little too much Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice??) and it decided it didn't want to go anymore.  So while we were deciding what to do about a dead truck, hubs became my chauffeur so he could steal my car during the day.  I really didn't mind because door to door service is pretty awesome.  Plus, one of the mornings he was driving me to work, I actually had my camera with me, I was in the passenger seat, and this is what the sun looked like over the mighty Lake Superior.  Have I mentioned before that I love where I live?

Can you even stand it?  My office is a block away from the lake, and at the bottom of the hill.  It's too bad I had to wake up the kids FIVE times that morning.  If it had only been four, we would have been on time, and down right next to the lake before the sun rose up too high and was hidden behind the low clouds.  It sure was stunning while we got to see it!

I love it when things fall in place and I'm in the right place, with my camera, and at the right time!



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