Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebration Talent Competition

Before I get into how proud I am of my little dancer, I will just say that if there in anything certain in this world, it is that I will get a migraine on a competition weekend.  No question.  This one kicked my butt and lasted 4 days.  Yippee.  So, that is why it has taken me a bit to get this post out...

Now.  On to the good stuff.

Last weekend, Morgan competed with the other girls at her studio in the Celebration Talent Competition at the DECC auditorium right here in Duluth.  It's so nice when competitions are in your home town.  The girls did awesome, and I'm very proud of all of them.

Her hip hop dance is super fun.  It's called Fuego (which is funny to me because my brother's first car back in the early 80s was a red Fuego.)

It looked exactly like this, though I'm not sure if it was a TURBO or not.  And it didn't have European license plates.  I'm pretty sure I rode in this car a time or two down the Gunflint Trail in fear for my life.  Mom, I'm just kidding.  (Everyone else, no I'm not.)

Sorry for the tangent there.  So the hip hop dance was very cool.  The girls did a few neat tricks, and ended up earning a high gold mark for their dance.  Only platinum is above that, and the judges were pretty stingy with giving those out.

They also performed their jazz dance to One Fine Wire, by Colby Caillat, which they did at the UMD show a few weeks ago.  I love the choreography in this one.  The girls earned a gold for this dance.  Awesome!

On Sunday, they performed their production routine, which was a mix of various jungle themed songs and included all of our competition dancers.  By this time my eyes were crossed and my brain wasn't working properly, so I didn't get a good picture of Morgan in her zebra costume.  They will be performing it at least three more times though, so I'll get some pictures next time.  Plus, they wouldn't let us take any pictures during any of the actual dances, so you were forced to buy the mucho expensivo professional pictures that they took during the performances.  Whatev.

So the only pictures I got on Sunday were during the awards ceremony, from very far away.  The studio won a gold award for this dance also, and then also a showstopper award, for just standing out as an entertaining number to the judges.

I know I've said it before, and I realize that I'm completely biased, but I just love watching my Morgan dance.  I know it is what she is supposed to be doing.  She absolutely loves performing on stage.  This is HER time to shine.  Finally.  After sitting through a painfully long hockey season.  We sure spent a lot of hours in that building this weekend for approximately 10 minutes of performing time, but every second was worth it to see her run out on to the stage and shine.

So, tonight when we went to Savers, I couldn't say no to her.

Four cow coffee mugs for $2.99?  Who could pass that up?  They even have udders!

I love you Morgie Pie, more than you will ever know.  I'm so very, very proud of you!



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