Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend stuff

I had a great weekend of nothin too special.  Just the way I like it.

Friday night, BOTH kids went to the high school football game and Nate and I found ourselves on the couch at home.  With no children.  It was SO weird.

I had big plans for Saturday.  They included the beginning of the household purge.  I don't know who did it, or how they did it, but the time really sped up on Saturday and I ran out of it.  Needless to say, the purge didn't happen.  I did squeeze in a 3.16 mile walk in the afternoon, and used a new app on my phone to track my progress.  It's very cool.  I'll tell you all about it soon.  Saturday night we watched Oceans Thirteen while I knitted a few things for my upcoming craft sale.  I hope you can come!  More deets to follow.

Sunday afternoon, we headed out to the front yard.  The air show was going on, and we don't live too far from the airport.  We caught a few planes as they'd circle around and come back into the viewing area at the grandstand. 

I'm not even going to pretend that I know anything about planes/jets, so I'll just say that they went fast.

And they were loud.

Sometimes three flew together.

I'm sure the commercial passenger pilots were very annoyed by all the traffic.

Sometimes a bunch flew together and turned their smoke on.

C'mon lil fella!  Catch up!

I believe these red and white ones are called Snowbirds and they came down from Canada for our show.

They flew by this way...

And that way.

It was pretty fun to sit on the tailgate of your truck and watch them go by.  The weather was gorgeous.  The days are getting colder, and I looked like a big dork with the hood on my sweatshirt up and tied tightly.  But its my job to embarass my kids as often as I can.  The kids threw a football around and were actually laughing and playing together and nobody ended up hurt or crying.

I think I need about another month of non-freezing weather overnight for the ONE watermelon (and 20 other flowers that are still blooming!) I got in my garden to grow big enough to make it worth while!  Dangit.  I got about 4 decent pumpkins also, but they just didn't get time to grow big.  They just took so long to fruit after blooming.  Frustrating!

Morgan and I worked on another project (because, you know, we didn't have enough to do) of hand washing some raw fleece that Nate's uncle gave me, fresh off of his sheep!  It's a tedious, smelly process, but also pretty cool.  I did use a little of it yesterday in a pair of mittens I'm making myself for the upcoming hockey season.  I will show you more of this process later too.

I didn't exercise at all on Sunday, and went to bed feeling pretty guilty about it.  I know I need to do more if I really want to see some results.  I'm proud of my long walk on Saturday, but I really should have done something Sunday.  Before I knew it, the Emmy's were on, and I didn't want to shut them off.  I should have planned ahead better.  Well, today will be better.  I will either walk or listen to Jillian yell at me tonight.  Gotta.

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine!



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