Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heaven got one more angel this morning.

Dear Terry,

I never got to meet you during your time here, but I wanted to take a minute and publicly thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with me.  I have no doubt that she is the person she is today because of you.  What a wonderful role model she and her sister had to look up to, learn from, and love! 

I know the last few years have not been easy on you.  You sure fought the long hard battle though!  I could feel your strength in every single picture of you that Tricia shared with me.  There was always a beautiful smile on your face, and I could tell you loved having those grandbabies with you.

My heart is breaking this morning for my dear friend.  I know she still wants you here with her.  I hope and pray that the pain she is feeling today will gradually start to ease, and she will find peace in knowing that you are now cancer free, and pain free.

Through Tricia's blog, and the several emails we've exchanged, I feel like I sort of traveled this journey with you and your family.  I know she will cherish every single moment she was able to spend with you, from your trip to Stowe, to her little visits to your home.  The love in your family is SO apparent, which was built from your strong foundation!

This is one of my very favorite posts of Tricia's.  It really, really struck me when she wrote it, and I think of it often.  It's very fitting today, I think. 

Mommy's Missing Pieces

Just moments ago, I received a text from Tricia.  It read:

"Tracy and I are laying in moms bed at home laughing, crying, swearing, etc."

Terry, I know you are watching your girls right now in your bed.  It warms me to know this is what they are doing right now, just hours after you had to leave them.  I hope you are enjoying a glass of champagne at your arrival party in heaven!

Very, very sincerely,


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