Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pet Peeves, part 2

I seemed to have gotten through to a few of you pretty personally in my Pet Peeves post last week.  It's so good to know that I'm not alone!  I thought I'd share some of the comments I got, because I can totally relate with them too!

1.  Kristen hates it when you bring in something for servicing, such as a cell phone, and it takes way longer than it's supposed to, nobody can tell you what the heck is going on, and they ding you for extras you weren't planning on.  HATE!

2.  A few contributors cannot stand mis-pronunciation of words that are really not that complicated to pronounce.  Examples:  eXpecially, accrossT, simUlar, etc, etc, etc...  Come on people!  Shall we have a looksee at how these words are spelled?

3.  Kelly B mentioned that slow drivers are a paaaaain.  I couldn't agree more.  Or when someone drives slow in the left lane and makes me take off my cruise control - and never scoots over to the right lane!  UGH!!!

4.  Kim hates that the lid to the Pringles can does not fit on to the bottom of the can for an easy storage place while you are enjoying the Pringles found inside.  I gotta say Kim, I haven't thought of that as and idea so I've never gotten peeved by it, but it's GENIOUS.  You should totally sell that idea to Pringles and make a mil.

5.  Kim's Pringle idea did make me thing of another thing that I hate.  Why can't all companies that sell canned goods make their cans so they fit together when you stack them in the cupboard?  Some companies do, but I like to buy those little cans of mushrooms and olives and throw them in spaghetti sauce because they are just the right amount for one batch of sauce.  I can't tell you the number of times a stack of those suckers have fallen over in my cupboard.  ANNOYING!

And a few more that I thought of...

6.  Finding a hair product you love, and then having it discontinued or changed.  Now, I realize that many of you do not have to deal with the rat's nest of hair that I do on a daily basis, so hair product may not be as important to you, but really this goes for many things - perfect shade of lipstick, your favorite bra (sorry, males), a yummy perfume.  Seriosly Dove, I used your mousse for curly hair for like 2 years, and it was like buttah in my hair.  LOVED it.  Then you went and changed it and now it's grody and feels like I really actually coated my hair with butter.  Not buttah, but butter.  Ick.  You lost me as a customer, I'm sorry to say.  And let me tell you, I go through the hair product.

7.  The shoelace on my left shoe comes untied all the time.  Last night on my walk it came untied three times.  Can't you just follow the good behavior of your sister, the right shoelace, and stay nicely tied while mama does her workouts?

8.  When you are at a party where everyone brings a dish to share, and you load up your plate with all the deliciousness, and you take way more dip than you did chips, so you look like an oinker putting a mountain of dip on one measly chip so you can use them up at the same time and not get up to go get more chips.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

9.  Can we just talk for a minute about how expensive it is for my children to attend PUBLIC school?  (I can't remember if I've already whined about this or not, so I apologize if it's a repeat.)  School supplies.  Picture day.  Lunch tickets.  Book orders.  Clothing orders.  Party fund fees.  Field trips.  School store.  Football games.  Hockey games.  Lordy me.  I can remember back to when I was so excited to stop paying for daycare.  Then came hockey and dance and all this other school stuff.

10.  Migraines.  Period.  End of story.  I wish to never get another so long as I'm alive.  I'm so tired of trying to figure out triggers.  Just STOP already.

11.  Dirty dishes left in my sink.  I know I'm not the best at emptying the dishwasher immediately after it's done (or making the kids do it).  And I really do appreciate them in the sink instead of on the coffee table in the living room.  But honestly, I'd 99% of the time prefer them to be on the counter so the sink is still usable. 

I know for a fact as soon as I hit "publish" on this post, I'll think of another 10 pet peeves that I could have mentioned (hey - there's another one.  Publishing, and then thinking of something else you meant to say!) but I think that's good for now.  Hopefully you can relate to a few, and they will make you smile.

I'm headed for a walk tonight with my girl Julie, if this migraine doesn't get too bad.  We shall see!



P.S.  None of these pet peeves apply to any of you, of course.  Because anyone that reads my blog is exempt from annoying me and is dubbed awesome forever and ever and happily ever after, Amen.


  1. OK. One more. I HATE it when people say, "I could care less." That means that you actually COULD care less. You are at like 10% of caring. Don't you mean to say, "I couldn't care less"? That means that there is no more caring in me and I am at 0% on the caring scale. I couldn't care any less than I do right now. Nobody says that right. well, I do. Cuz I'm cool like that.

    1. Agree 100%. I think we've had this discussion before. You are completely right. Don't you understand that the point you are trying to make is that there is zero care left? Which would mean there is no possible way to take a step "less".

      And, you are totally cool like that.

  2. Love it! Round two was great. I thought of even more PP's of mine..

    1. When people say, "Oh, you look tired. Long night?" Um NO! I just didn't wear makeup today do I really look THAT bad?!

    2. When you are ordering something online and as soon as you put in your credit card info you lose internet connection. So you're not sure if the first order went through or not. And then you get TWO order confirmation emails. GREAAAAT.

    3. Bobby pins. Where did you all go? I can never find you. Enough said.

    4. Technology updates. As soon as I get comfortable using the current version of a phone/application/computer/remote/website, they UPDATE it. Aaaaaaand back to square one we go.

    That's all for now!


    1. K - all of your bobby pins are in JC's couch!!!! LOL!

      Yesss on the no makeup thing! I've had people ask me if I'm sick too!

      Bahahaha! Thanks for the comments, hon!!


  3. Well, how about "UNthaw" To unthaw is to freeze!

  4. just keep writing these posts and making me happy. Nothing makes me happier than being a crabby ass bitch right now.

    1. Hey, I'm here for ya. One of my strongest traits is making my friends in a crabby mood! Sweet!