Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pet Peeves

I'm kinda crabby today, for no real good reason.  Do you ever have those days?  Things are just bugging me more than normal today.  Can't quite put my finger on it.  But I figured it was a good day to make a list of my pet peeves, and share them with you!  Why the heck not, right???

So here goes:

1.  Cleaning soap scum out of my shower.  Good grief it builds up so fast and I cannot find a good product that really works like all those commercials say they will.  Just spray it on and wipe it off?  Yeah, right.  Maybe if you have the muscles of an iron man.
2.  Opening my yogurt and having a little explosion that will always land one drop on my shirt.  I especially hate this when I'm at work.  Which is almost every day.  You'd think I'd learn to open it away from me.
3.  Improper use of there, their, they're, your, you're, to, too, two, etc.  Seriously.  These came home on Morgan's third grade spelling lists, people.  I'm not talking about the occasional slip-up on an email to your BFF or something, but when someone constantly updates THEIR Facebook status incorrectly, I get a twitch in my eye that won't stop.
4.  My metabolism isn't what it used to be.  This is plain old dumb.  Hate it.  Maybe I want a bowl of ice cream at 9:00PM.  Well sure, I can have it - but not if I want my pants to fit tomorrow.
5.  Someone at my office continually makes the second pot of coffee without making sure the contents of the first pot are completely gone.  I get that the pot is silver and you can't see into it.  Maybe it would be beneficial to just give it a dump in the sink that is 17 inches away from the coffee maker.  I really do appreciate that you are not taking the last of the coffee and sneaking out of the kitchen without making a new one, but seriously, COME ON!  And why am I ALWAYS the one to find the overflow and clean it up?  It's kinda like the roll of toilet paper, I guess.
6.  Punk kids that hang out in the skywalk after school and creep me out.  They are creepy.  And I'm pretty sure mom wouldn't approve if she could see your behavior right now.  (wow I just sounded really old)
7.  People that take shortcuts that end up causing more work for me.  I will keep this one vague, and just leave it at that.
8.  Running out of yarn with something like 12 rows left of your project.  Not only is it tricky to find the same dye lot, but then when you are done, you have 97% of a skein of yarn left.  And when you are that close to the end of something, the last thing you want to do is put the project down and run to the store.  You just want to finish that sucker!
9.  Frost on windshields in the morning that is too thick to spray your washer fluid on and just have it melt away with assistance from your wipers.
10.  Being late.  Ooo it burns me when someone is late for a meeting with me, so I try very, very hard to not be late for things.  This is tough when you have children who daydream.
11.  Food that goes bad in my fridge.   I hate wasting food.
12.  Car insurance.  You pay someone for years and years and years.  Then when you finally have to submit a claim, your premiums go up.  Whaaa?  What about the thousands I've already paid you???
13.  People who are rude to someone working in the service industry.  (waitresses, cashiers, etc)  Or, I guess rude people in general.
14.  The fact that technology advances faster than cell phone contracts expire.

I could go on and on and on, but my lunch break is almost over.  And the longer I think of my pet peeves, the more peeved I get, so I should probably just stop here.

What are some of your pet peeves?  (Why are they called pet peeves, anyway?  I don't even have a pet.)

Wishing you a peeveless day!




  1. Hit the nail on the head with this one. While I agree with all of these, two that would definitely make my "Top Ten Pet Peeves" list would be number seven and number thirteen.

    I'll add another VERY vague one...

    15. When you take your phone into Best Buy to get your phone fixed and they tell you that it will take 3-5 days MAX to get your phone back. So when they offer you a loaner phone for $50 you decline. Then, two weeks later, they STILL don't have your phone in. So you call and get transferred 17 times and they don't know what is going on, how to look up your info, or who to connect you with that would know how to help you. So then you go in, give them $50 for a loaner phone because who knows when your real phone will be fixed.. and then BAM, two days later your phone magically appears at Best Buy. SWEET.

    Hope you have a peeve-less afternoon!


    1. Ohhh Kristen, that STINKS! Grrrrrr! Stupid Best Buy! (since we are being vague here... ) ;)

  2. Mine is when someone consistently says eXpecially instead of saying it the right way. I had a boss that did that.

    1. Uggggh! When I was planning this post in my head this morning, this was TOTALLY going to be one of them, and then of course forgot when I went to post it. Or how about "accrosT"? Come on people. There is NO "T" in that word!

  3. Oh Nancy - this list is right on (I'm trying not to end my sentence in a preposition)! Anyway, not to find joy in your agony, but this post put a smile on my face. Misery loves company :)

    1. Haha! Glad I could drag you down with me today, Shelly! :)

  4. Was going to say the "acrossT" one and then you said it. I worked with a lady that used to say "sim-u-ler". The word is similar. There is no U in that word. Please say it correctly.

    I am a spaz about lateness. When someone is late to a meeting with me or a kid event, that tells me that what they were doing before they left to meet me was way more important to them than meeting me. Very disrespectful.

    I hate slow drivers too. Can I at least get the speed limit out of you? I drive 10 over, but can I at least get the legal speed limit? I see no reason to go slower than that.

    I could go on and on, but I won't. :o)

    1. Uggggh Kel. Slow drivers. How about slow drivers in the left lane on the freeway. Puuuh-leeez!

  5. OMG, the boyfriend says "acrosst" and I have no idea how to get him to stop without sounding like a snob! Nance, every single morning I say, "Really?? Really, yogurt?? AGAIN?" Latest peeve?? Pringles caps not fitting on the bottom of the can. How HARD is that for them to figure out. And how STUPID am I for trying it? Every. Single. Time! Grrr!!

    (This is Kim, btw...don't know how to comment as me??) Tutorial?

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only yogurt dork! Your Pringles story makes me think of another one too - canned goods from the grocery store that do not lock together when they stack. OMG. I think I might need to make a Pet Peeve, Continued post!! :)

      I think the easiest way to post is either just like you did (but make sure you sign it so I know who you are!) or set up an account on Google. Then if you are logged in through Google it will give you that option when you are commenting.

      Thanks for your additions! I looooove comments!

      Maybe you should nonchalantly send Mar over to my blog to read about that accrossT pet peeve! LOL!