Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Instagram Photo of the Day

I've recently started reading a new blog that I'm in love with. It's written by cute-as-a-button Chantelle from Australia.  She writes about a little of everything, and can be found HERE.

Chantelle has an Instagram Photo of the Day project on her blog that you can find out more about HERE.

I have been participating for about a week, and it's awesome.  I know I've told you how I love Instagram on my iPhone.  I always have my phone with me, so I can be looking for the daily assignment all day long and snap my picture whenever I see it!

I'll share what I've taken so far...

March 21 - Delicious

March 22 - Kitchen Sink

March 23 was Moon, and it was super cloudy and foggy this day.  I tried to get creative and find a moon shape anywhere I could, but nada.  No entry for this day.

March 24 - an Animal.

March 25 - Breakfast

March 26 - My Name

March 27 - a Key

March 28 - Trash

It really is so much fun!  If you have an iPhone and are interested in taking pictures at all, I urge you to join.  I'm looking at things differently when I am on my way to work, around the house, or out to dinner!  This photo challenge is all about taking pictures and sharing them!



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