Thursday, March 22, 2012

Complete Parental Victory

Remember when I posted last month about the new chore system I found on Pinterest?  Well, it's going very well.  My kids are more motivated by money than I thought.  I need to share something that happened in my very house this morning.

Setting:  Main floor of my house.  Kids are in the living room complaining about how early it is and how we don't have anything good for breakfast.  I'm in the kitchen scrambling to remember what day it is, find something "good" for breakfast, and make myself a breakfast shake.  I'm trying to think of whatever I'm forgetting.  Do we need gym shoes today?  The trumpet?  Money for lunch tickets? Field trip permission slips?  Did I sign Andy's planner?

So Morgan had showered last night (I wonder if we'll EVER get to the point where that girl will be able to shower in the morning.  At this point, I kinda doubt it.  Sorry Morgs, you know I love ya!) and Andy had just gotten out of the shower 5 minutes earlier.

Me:  Did you both put deodorant on this morning?
Kids:  grumble grumble grrrr raaah grumble.
Morgan:  No, but I will.
Andy:  Hey Morgan, since you are going upstairs, will you bring me my deodorant?
Morgan:  Well, I will but only if you promise to bring it back upstairs RIGHT AWAY and not leave it on the coffee table that I just cleaned off last night.

I stopped dead in my tracks and wondered if I was in the right house.  And then, when I realized that what I just heard really did actually happen, I wanted to high five myself, do a happy dance and shout PRAISE JESUS at the top of my lungs.  Instead, I quietly smiled to myself and celebrated my victory by myself, in my quiet kitchen.

And now, at 8:49 PM, as I'm sitting on my couch blogging, I glance over to the coffee table...

and see Andy's deodorant sitting on it.

Well, it was the right idea Morgan. 




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  1. This is so amazing and awesome! So glad it is working!!! I LOVE IT!!!