Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yep, I'm still alive.

I'm sorry.  The last week or so has been crazy busy.  When I finally get 5 minutes at home, blogging was at the bottom of the priority list.  I will hopefully be better about it now.  Here is a recap of what I've been doing.  Can you guess?  I'll give you a hint.  It starts with HOCK and ends with EY.

Andy's team did not advance to regions this year.  They gave it an AWESOME effort, but unfortunately they only took the top 3 teams in the district, and sadly, we came in 4th.  Those boys played their hearts out and improved so much this season!  I'm very, very proud of each of them.

We were very honored that our PeeWee A team invited us along with them to their region tournament as a backup goalie, since they had advanced and only have one goalie on their team.  So last weekend, we traveled to Grand Rapids with the team.  They won all three of their games, and advance to state, which is next weekend!  We are so excited to be a part of this experience.  Just to have Andy suit up and be on the bench is such a cool thing for him.  We will travel next weekend and cheer loudly for the PeeWee A's!  Here are a few pictures of the win securing the teams spot in the state tournament:

The cellie around the net!

I love this picture.  The girl on the team has more important things to worry about than getting in the middle of that stench.

Andy congratulates his fellow goalie!

Yes, the team went blonde for their trip to regions.  Derek's mom has nicknamed him Marilyn.  You should see his sick flow when his hair isn't all sweaty.


Way to go team!

Two days later, we were off to our next adventure.  Our High School team advanced to the state tournament with an undefeated record, so we traveled to St. Paul to cheer them on.  Four days of hockey, friends, and a little too much fun.

Mini donut sugar lips.

I guess I have a thing for taking pictures of goalies.

A pretty view from our hotel room.

Have I mentioned how I love Instagram on my phone?

Yes, I believe I have.  Sooo cool.

We cheered, painted faces, shook our pom poms, but ended up losing in our championship game.  With a record of 30-1-0, our HS boys had an AWESOME season!

So, now we are back home, with one day to calm down before another short work/school week before heading off to state with the PeeWee A's.  I'm so excited for the upcoming weekend!  Please keep us in your thoughts that we come out on top of it all!  Since this team has adopted Andy as their backup goalie, they have urged us to become part of the team.  I couldn't say no.

It's just hair, right?

Must get glasses straightened.  Ugh.

It's a little orange, but that's ok, we'll see how long it lasts before I make him get the buzz cut.  It's almost summer, right?

So again, here I am apologizing for yet another post about hockey, but you can be assured there will be another about next weekend too.  We have a dance show coming up in a few weeks, so hopefully the blog posts will be changing gear for those of you who couldn't give a rat's behind about hockey!  I happen to like it quite a bit.  :)




  1. I think Andy's hair turned out great. They did a nice job.

  2. Love the hair, Andy. And the t-shirt!