Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yarn saves the day!

So, we checked into our hotel last Thursday night and all was well. We got there later than most, so Nate and I grabbed our bevies and headed to the party room where the other parents had congregated. We stayed up and drank with them for a while and headed to bed. When I got back to our room, I noticed the toilet was running. I tried to wiggle the handle, and it was loose, like the chain was not connected anymore. I removed the top to the tank and found that the chain had indeed come off the little rod thingy. I stuck my hand down into the freezing cold grody hotel toilet tank water and pulled the chain up and tried to slip it over the end of the little rod thingy. It didn’t seem like it would stay there, but there really wasn’t anything I could do about it at 1:00 AM. So the next morning, Nate reported it to the front desk, and the lovely woman working told him that there wasn’t anyone onsite that could fix it today. We could either move to a different room, or wait for someone to fix it the next day. We decided to wait it out since it wasn’t like we absolutely couldn’t get the toilet to flush. Well, it only took about 5 more times of sticking my hand down into that grody tank before my mind started to churn. If I could take a bobby pin and rig it through that first link on the chain and bend it around the little rod thingy, maybe that would keep it there until tomorrow? I had to try. I got the bobby pin bent into a shape I thought would work, and got it threaded through the link on the chain. When I went to try and bend it around the little rod thingy, the little rod thingy snapped right in half where it was so corroded. Oops. Hmm. Just need something to tie it to the now-shorter little rod thingy. As any good knitter would do, I went to my knitting bag, cut off a foot of yarn from the end of a skein, threaded it through the chain and tied it to the little rod thingy! It totally worked. Morgan and I high-fived and I said, “THAT, Morgan, is how you jerry-rig a toilet that won’t flush properly. Yarn saves the day again!”





  2. Hee hee! I also taught Morgan the definition of Jerry-rigging!

    MOM! You commented! Yay!

  3. Omg. Jerry- rigged. I LOVE IT!