Thursday, March 22, 2012

PeeWee A State Hockey!

Last weekend we made the trek to Alexandria with the Hermantown PeeWee A team to battle for the state title! We were so honored that they asked us to go along as their backup goalie! It was such a fun experience for Andy.
Our first game on Friday, and the adrenaline was a'flowin!


Blondies on the ice!  Let's go team!

Gettin in the zone!

We did what we could do from the stands, but the team did the real work on the ice.  We won our first game 9-1 and advanced to the semi finals!

Warmups for game 2.  We knew this game would be harder.  I don't often get to hear what the coaches say to the kids, but coach Buckley held a team meeting including the parents the night before and went down the list of things the kids needed to do if they wanted to win game #2.  Forecheck.  Backcheck.  Make the short passes.  Good goaltending.  Most important?  Have fun.  It was very cool to watch him talk to that team.  It was very apparent that those kids look up to and respect him very, very much.

The game wasn't looking good right from the start.  The other team scored first.  And then they scored second.  And then they scored third.  Two long periods crept by.  Then the third started.  4 minutes into it, we finally scored a goal!  And then, that team decided it was time to really start playing the game, so they went on ahead and scored 4 more, just for fun.  My throat kinda hurt at the end of that game.  :)

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

We were going to the championship game!  Of the state tournament!  The stuff these kids have dreamt of for so long!

Heeeeere we go!  I am certain there were more nerves in the Hockey Mom section than there were on the ice.


And we even got a cool light show for intros!

The team skated their HEARTS out!  Unfortunately we did not come out on top on the score board, which is what the rules say you have to do in order to win, I guess.  The team doesn't look all that excited here, but man, second place in the STATE is absolutely nothing to hang your heads about!  What an awesome season and tournament!  Great job team!

Now, I did not keep track of how many hockey games Morgan attended this year.  But when she had to miss birthday parties both of the last two weekends because we were travelling for hockey, I knew I needed to do something special for her.

Friday afternoon we snuck away from the group and headed to the spa.  Morgan got a mani/pedi and I got a pedi.  I got to drink cucumber water while I was there.  My toes are a gorgeous shade of teal/minty seafoam green.  I wish I could remember the silly OPI name of it.  It was something beachy, which is perfect because it reminds me of ocean water.

Morgan chose an awesome shade of neon pinkish-orange that is perfect for her.  We had a GREAT time being girls doing girly stuff.

It was a great weekend!



P.S.  I'm done writing about hockey for a while.  hehe.

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