Monday, January 9, 2012

Yet Another Post About Hockey.

Sorry.  I can't help it.  Soon it will be dance competition season, and you'll get sick of me posting about dance.

Saturday we had a fun outside hockey day at our rink.  There were a bunch of games, mostly played by the Pee Wee teams in our association, there were Hawkdogs and brats, fire pits to keep us warm, and perfect weather.  We were worried that it would be too warm out to keep the ice frozen, but it was pretty good.

I will take this moment to re-live one of the top 5 most embarrassing moments of my life, since it occurred at the beginning of this fine hockey Saturday.  About 10 minutes after I got to the rink, I slipped on the ice and fell.  Flat on my back.  I hit my head on the ice kinda hard.  I was carrying my purse, various hats, mittens, and jackets for my family, and two bloody mary's in traveler coffee mugs.  Just a word of advice for you all - if you fall on the ice and hit your head, try as hard as you can NOT to spill two bloody mary's right next to your head that just hit the ice.  People kinda think that you cracked your head open and are bleeding all over the place. 

I wasn't bleeding.  I'm sorry to those of you that thought I was.  The goose egg on the back of my head is much smaller, my headache is gone now, and my sore muscles are healing.  Thank you so much to all of you that were concerned for me and came running to my assistance.  Like I said, I like to make a grand entrance.  I can't believe I wasted most of two perfectly good bloody mary's!  I hadn't even had a sip yet!  Grrr!

Ok, embarrassing moments out of the way, I will now share some hockey pictures.

The boys found retro throwback jerseys to wear.

We won our first game 11-0!  Then, it was time for the parent/child game!

Tired already guys?? You've only played 2 shifts!

We even had a hockey mom take part!  She is more brave than me!  I give her TONS of credit!!

Father/son punches being thrown...

The gloves are dropped...

At least it wasn't the boxers that were pulled up over his head!

I think everyone had a fun day!  In case you can't read the scoreboard in the background, the kids beat the parents 11-4!



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  1. OMG! This is hilarious but I do feel really bad for you at the same time! I would have been sooooo mad I dropped the bloodies! The fact that people thought the tomato juice was blood is toooo funny and slightly scary!!!!