Monday, January 9, 2012

A few miscellaneous facts.

  1. Season 2 of Dance Mom's starts tomorrow.  Morgan and I watched the Season 1 marathon yesterday.  I can't wait for the new season!
  2. I got some soft squishy yarn from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and I'm almost done with a sweater I'm making out of it!  It is going to be very warm.  It may make me nap at work.  I can't wait to show it to you.
  3. I haven't gotten my pictures back from my bro yet.  I'll probably suspend the photo challenges.  If you'd like me to continue them, just let me know and I'll start them up again.  I'll continue to take pictures and post them here if you'd like to look at them.  I still have a few Christmas posts to make after I get my pictures from the fancy camera.
  4. It's January 9th and I let my son go to school without a jacket.  UNHEARD OF!  Last time I checked, I lived in Minnesota.  This weather is just crazy.  It's supposed to be cold out.  And snowy.
  5. I'm addicted to Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.
  6. It's time to go work on my sweater.



  1. OH I'm so glad you decided to start a blog! It makes me so happy!

  2. I can't explain what your comment means to me.